March 5, 2024

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Ooops.  Did the actress accidentally share Stranger Things 5 ​​spoilers on social media?  |  television

Ooops. Did the actress accidentally share Stranger Things 5 ​​spoilers on social media? | television

televisionFilming has begun on the final season of Stranger Things. A photo of the cast was posted on the official Instagram account of the Netflix series. “This is code red,” the post says. “Production on Stranger Things 5 ​​has officially begun!” And fans made an amazing discovery.

Fans are going crazy, as the new season of Stranger Things is wrapping up. The photo shared features original cast members like Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, and more. But it was one cast member in particular that caught the eye. Sadie Sink, who first appeared as Max Mayfield in Season 2, is officially joining Season 5. Which means Max will return before the end of the series.

Max Mayfield's character ended up in a coma in season 4 after breaking several bones, ultimately causing her death. However, Max then returned to life, albeit in a coma. Fans were very happy when they heard that Max will likely come out of her coma and Sadie Sink will return to the series.

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Filming for the new season was actually supposed to begin in May 2023, but due to the strike by the writers and actors unions in Hollywood, this was not possible. Season 4 was released in July 2022. The premiere date has not been announced yet.

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In addition to the Netflix series, a theatrical production of Stranger Things: The First Shadow can also be seen at the Phoenix Theater in London. An animated spin-off film for the series is also being released. The date or title has not been announced yet.

Sadie Sink
Sadie Sink © AP/Netflix

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