May 28, 2024

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Instagram will soon say goodbye to premium posts

Instagram will soon say goodbye to premium posts


This alternative method has already been tested and it will definitely make your Instagram Stories look different. According to the company itself, this has something to do with simplifying the “experience with stories”. It’s quite a shame, since countless gifs have been created around the job and it’s now also a household name on the platform.

What is the alternative?

It remains to be seen if the new method will benefit as much, but Instagram itself is clearly very confident in it. The company tells The Verge that it will use unique stickers. People who want to link their followers to a particular page can do so with so-called Link Stickers. And that’s exactly what you’d expect of it: a poster with a clickable link.

For some users, this change was not surprising, as the stickers were already available to some Intagrammers back in June. With the full launch of the feature, users with the required number of followers (10,000) will only have the option to add link stickers to their stories. Instagram itself indicates that it is still looking into the possibilities of providing it to each user, but it remains to be seen.

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