December 3, 2023

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Institut La Bécasse ceases to exist after forty years

Institut La Bécasse ceases to exist after forty years

Brasserie La Bécasse closes its doors. The famous institution disappears from the area around the Exilis Cemetery.

The brasserie opened in 1979 and has fed and served drinks to generations of students and other customers in ULB’s party district. The owner has now decided to sell the restaurant due to the difficult economic climate of the catering industry.

Ixcel’s business consultant, Audrey Loist (Ecolo), confirms that the restaurant is effectively closed. De Scheden is “not sure yet what the future of the restaurant will look like.” There appears to be more clarity on the status of employees. This is spread across other companies of owner Saeed Berhadadi.

This is not the first time that La Bécasse has been in dire straits. In 2020, the pub was actually declared bankrupt because it still had debts of €1.8 million to the tax authorities. Then Al-Barhadi was able to make a new start with his son. Now takeover by someone else seems more likely.

According to the news site BX1 After the renovations, La Bécasse will continue under a different name as an Italian restaurant. The owner did not want to confirm that last step.

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