December 4, 2022

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Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770 Limited Edition appear in European online stores – Computer – News

I forgive Intel, it’s their first GPU in years and it has changed quite a bit in the market since the 8Mb AGP and PCI cards I’ve gotten from them in the past.

I’m secretly hoping we get another major player in the GPU market with Intel, but then someone has to buy those tickets of course.
This is good for the advancement of technology and of course for us as wallet consumers.

Just look at the CPU market a few years ago what you could do if you didn’t have good competition.
AMD has scored poorly for years with Athlon FX and A-series CPUs. (The octa-core FX couldn’t compete with the first generation i7 and even the fastest quad-core A10 was a processor dragon and slower than a dual core i3 CPU)

At the time I had 7 years with my PC because the upgrade wasn’t worth it and Intel could charge whatever it wanted for the CPUs.
And when Ryzen came along, Intel didn’t know how quickly they’d have to move Xeon server technology to consumer PCs to share a little more.

I’ve heard from many reviews and news articles that there is absolutely no margin in price and that these GPUs will actually sell for cost.
It is hoped for Intel that there are still significant gains to be made in driver optimization.

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