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Interview |  Vine was furious at the Vueltarit and won silence about Alpecin: ‘Unless you want to foot the bill’

Interview | Vine was furious at the Vueltarit and won silence about Alpecin: ‘Unless you want to foot the bill’

Life smiles at Jay Vine more than ever. The 27-year-old Australian was an unknown rider at continental level not so long ago, until he became a player Zwift contest Van Alpecen-Deconnink won and suddenly became a professional from 2021. He extended his contract after that season until the end of 2023, but that didn’t stop him from falling apart when the Emirates team appeared at the end of this season. in the leader’s shirt He spoke to Fine in Alicante, Spain about his surprising move after an incredibly strong year.

Fine gave after him With victories in two stages Vuelta has already indicated that it was not allowed to say anything about his transfer because of what is called a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement, or Confidentiality Agreement, ed.). This was no different during the UAE Media Day. I signed an agreement, so I can’t talk about that. Or you have to pay the bill, haha! Then I’d like to talk about it, otherwise I’m never allowed to say anything about it again.

Fine believes the move from Alpecin to the UAE is not too big

The truth is, he’s out there, and he’s got the space to realize his dream of moving to the UAE. “So good so far,” Fine says of his early days with the team. I’ve been cycling with my new coach for a month now and trying to get ready for the Tour Down Under and the National Championships in Australia in January. We already had a few days in Dubai with the team in November. That was fun, even though I didn’t have to be bullied or anything like that.

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It’s embarrassing, Fine admits. “I’ve only done it twice in my life, the UAE team is only my second team at the highest level. I don’t know what to expect. In 2020 I was still riding at the continental level (in Nero Continental, ed.) and I’ve now completed two seasons as a professional. It’s a change. Big, but I think the step from Alpecin to the UAE will be smaller than the step from Continental level to Alpecin.Then I really had to move to Europe, and then I moved to Andorra and won two stages in the Vuelta.I already experienced quite a few first things, but I hope That there be more.

Jay Fine is in his first year with Alpecin-Fenix.

One last look at the Vine Vuelta

The Tour of Spain is logically an important topic of conversation, even a few months after the Tour. Fine won two stages, but also fell short Serious wrist injury. He had no nightmares. “Something like that just happens, I couldn’t help it. In the end, if someone had told me before the Vuelta that I would win twice, including once from the group with the GC riders, I would have signed right away despite the crash. At the end of the day, it wasn’t The KOM jersey is a goal by necessity, I basically wanted to win another stage. I had no luck with that fall, but I’m especially glad I didn’t have any permanent damage to my wrist. It was a big cut, but I got all my function back.

He says it all in a sober tone, even when it comes to his first stage victory in the Vuelta. He took it by driving away from the group favourites, on a day that started very badly for Vine. “I won the stage, but remember I was angry at the start of that day. I had to play continuously, but I punctured in the opening stage and missed the group that pulled away. In addition, it started raining, while promising sunny and warm conditions in the Vuelta. It didn’t rain. In the Giro and the Tour, but it fell in Spain I felt bad, but suddenly my chance came on the last climb.

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Fine has won the Vuelta twice.
Fine has won the Vuelta twice.

Vine is still unconfirmed

Fine led herself into the circle of light in the thick fog. It should come as no surprise that the big teams are on the doorstep. This vine may have taken the bait a bit. However, the offer was too good to refuse. Besides the Australian and Algarve races, I don’t know exactly what my program will be yet. However, the team didn’t get me to be a valet, so it’s going to be an interesting season. I’m looking forward to improving that few percentage with the team on a big budget, with materials, nutrition and the best coaches we have here. I would like to know what I can get out of myself.

It’s also why Vine doesn’t want to look too far ahead. He wants to get better, get used to it, get acclimated to it, and then he’ll see which races he starts at the end. “We have a lot of race days and anything can happen. Someone can get sick, and as a result someone is not ready for a particular match. The calendar is constantly changing. Tadeg is doing the Tour, but I’m not at his level so I won’t hear that yet.

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