May 31, 2024

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Samsung offers a 4G update for seven-year-old phones

Samsung offers a 4G update for seven-year-old phones

The “4G update” that Samsung rolled out last week for a slew of existing phones is also coming to many older models. Seven-year-old models, to be exact, like Galaxy A5 from 2017.

An important update to the 4G network for old Samsung phones

When Samsung suddenly released an update last week making the phones compatible with changing phone networks, we could have already guessed it. The necessary update will reach many models in the coming days, weeks and months. Finally, you should always be able to connect to a network on an old phone – for example to call numbers like 112.

The first “old” phone – as it turns out since last week – to receive a similar update is the Galaxy A5 from 2017. Today, a big update of over 16MB (!) is ready for this device for firmware version A520FXXUGCTKA, with the new CSC version A520FPHNGCXD1. The attached list of changes doesn't reveal any details, but it's easy to guess the purpose of this brief update.

The Galaxy A5 2017 doesn't get anything new – no new security patch and no different interface version. So the software version numbering itself will not change.


The new update is now available in Dutch Unbranded Galaxy A5 2017 – and on this device version only. On Belgian or described It is not available (yet), and we have not yet spotted it anywhere else in Europe.

If you're still using a Galaxy A5 2017, first of all: congratulations! You will receive an automatic notification, or you can check availability directly via Settings -> Software Update -> Download updates manually.

We expect the same update soon on many other Samsung phones that have appeared in the Netherlands since around 2016. So, if you still have one of these updates and see that the update is actually available again – years later – please let us know below. thank you in advance!

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