March 30, 2023

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Inventory revealed what was seized at Donald Trump's resort

Inventory revealed what was seized at Donald Trump’s resort

A federal judge in Florida on Friday released a detailed list of everything the FBI found while searching Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. The agents confiscated many files containing documents, gifts, photos and clothes. 48 files, which she said contain confidential information, were found empty. So the question is whether everything is recovered.

Preferably eight pages long Inventory What FBI agents found at Trump’s resort. Remarkably, for example, 48 volumes were found that were classified as “secret”, but they do not contain anything. Same with 40 files she said contained sensitive documents that had to be returned to the “chief of staff or military commander”. Seven “top secret” documents were found in Trump’s office and 11 of those documents were in a storage room. 54 “secret” documents and 31 “secret” documents.

So it should be clear: The 33 chests of confiscated materials contain a lot of materials that don’t belong in Mar-a-Lago at all. It was also in those chests: more than 11,000 non-classified government documents. This includes magazines, photos, gifts, clothing, and newspaper clippings.

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The judge who issued the inventory, Eileen Cannon, also ordered a summary report on the progress of the federal criminal investigation into the documents and Donald Trump’s failure to return them, as required, when he left the White House. It states that researchers have already looked at the documents for the first time and attached the necessary labels to them.

“The seized materials will continue to be used to advance the investigation,” the statement said. “The investigation team will continue to use it, but it will also conduct further investigative actions such as additional witness interviews.”

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