June 14, 2024

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Investment dream Lotus Bakery aims to get Bel20 seat

With a price gain of more than 8000 percent in 20 years, Lotus Bakery is the best investment in Brussels. The company finally wants to turn this favorite mode into a ticket to the Premier League and launches a charm offensive towards foreign shareholders.

From around the turn of the millennium 1000 euros in Lotus Bakeries

invested, in the meantime saved more than 83,000 euros. Few companies on the Brussels Stock Exchange can do better. Texav Holdings has come close somewhat with a profit of 6000 percent over the same period. On Tuesday, the biscuit producer’s high share price took another leap thanks to Semi-annual report banging. The success story of Biscoff’s caramel biscuit products increased sales by 13 percent and profits by 17 percent.

The growth story is not over yet. Healthy snack brands like Nakd, Kiddylicious and Bear have seen a strong rebound after the coronavirus crisis and could play an important role in the growing on-the-go trend as consumers replace their meals with convenient and nutritious snacks on the go. A consumer pattern that KBC Securities analyst Jay Sipes describes as a “snack” and believes provides a solid basis for future growth.

Our shareholder is now entirely Belgian and that is no longer in line with the international company we are today.

However, the company is taking a different approach towards its shareholders. It intends to significantly increase the so-called investor relations, specifically towards potential foreign shareholders. “Our stake is now entirely Belgian and that is no longer compatible with the international company we are today,” explains Director of Communications Prichtjee Hahn. “We want to better align and get foreign investors excited about our story, including through roadshows.”

By bringing foreign capital on board, Lotus wants to increase the turnover or speed of its stake. This shows the ratio of the number of shares traded to the total number of shares available. In doing so, it tacitly expresses the ambition to join Bel20, because speed is one of the Bel20 criteria for an entry ticket.

With a market capitalization of 4.71 billion euros, Lotus is already big enough. Lotus Bakeries will immediately be a solid middle ground larger than the six current Bel20 employees: Melexis, Galapagos, Cofinimmo, Befimmo, Telenet and Aedifica. But the second condition, the so-called free-floating velocity, is below the 35 percent liquidity standard and is currently barred from entry.

If we can get to the Bel20 with an increased turnover, that’s a plus.

Prishtje Han

Lotus Bakery Manager

“If we can get to the Bel20 by increasing the speeds, that’s a great bonus,” says Hahn. Having a seat in the Star Index will automatically increase the international resonance of Lotus Bakery and diversify its contribution. Lotus Bakeries is 70 percent owned by the Lotus Bakery Management Office (STAK) of the founding families Boone and Stevens. The first step in the magic attack on foreign capital has already been taken. Lotus bakeries published for the first time Show in English About its semi-annual numbers on the renewable investor page.

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the essence

  • Lotus Bakery stock jumped 10.4 percent Tuesday after strong growth in sales and profits.
  • The biscuit manufacturer Lembeke has seen its stock market capitalization rise by 8000 percent since 2000.
  • As a result, the stake became very expensive in nominal terms: 5,500 euros. Stock split is not considered.
  • Lotus launched an offensive to get more foreign capital into its stake. With this you want to increase your turnover (speed), which is a criterion you must meet in order to reach the Bel20.