March 4, 2024

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iPadOS 17 brings great new features

iPadOS 17 brings great new features

We still have to wait for the new iPad update to be announced. However, thanks to rumors, we know that iPadOS 17 is getting some really cool new features, including a very special one!

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iPadOS 17 has great features (and one very special one)

Next month is the day we get to see the first official look of iPadOS 17 during WWDC 2023. analyst941 on Twitter To tell you more about the upcoming update for the iPad.

NB! You have to take these rumors with a grain of salt, but this Twitter user was right before predicting Dynamic Island would arrive on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

One of his striking statements is that Apple is now considering bringing all the lock screen functionality on the iPhone to the iPad. For example, it is not currently possible to set widgets on the iPad’s lock screen.

According to rumors, Apple goes even further and adds a very special function to iPadOS 17. It will then be possible to adjust the position of your watch. Apple hasn’t offered this option before, and it could be a stepping stone to more great tweaks in iPadOS 17 and iOS 17.

Stage manager improvements

Additionally, Apple appears to be expanding Stage Manager functionality in iPadOS 17. For example, you can now put your iPad to sleep while the external display remains on. There will be support for webcams in external monitors and you will be able to stream multiple audio/video sources while using Stage Manager.

Special Edition of iPadOS 17

In addition, Apple is working on a new iPad with a special version of iPadOS 17 and its own features. This particular version of iPadOS is rumored to allow the iPad to power two 6K (60Hz) displays via Thunderbolt 4.

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