May 30, 2024

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iPhone 16 dolls reveal all the details (iPhone News #14)

iPhone 16 dolls reveal all the details (iPhone News #14)

New fake models of the iPhone 16 (Plus) and iPhone 16 Pro (Max) have appeared and many iPads are no longer allowed to update to iPadOS 18. This is this week's Apple and iPhone news!

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New mockups of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro have leaked

iPhone 16 mockups

iPhone 16 mockups already appeared last week, but this time they're mockups of all four iPhone 16 variants. So now both Pro models can also be seen. It gives a very clear idea of ​​the design of the new iPhones and gives away almost everything.

Illusions reveal this

iPadOS 18 support – Many iPads are no longer allowed to update

iPad 18

According to a new rumor, iOS 18 will be compatible with the same iPhones as iOS 17. Unfortunately, for iPadOS 18, it looks like Apple is planning to drop support for some older devices right away. In this article, you can read which iPads are likely to be excluded.

You can no longer update these iPads

The iPhone 15 discount is now up to €7.50 per month

The Apple Pencil 3 is getting a new feature — and it's useful

Pencil function 3

Not only will Apple soon be releasing new iPads, but it will also be working on new iPad accessories. There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on a Pencil 3 with Find My support, but it's now clear that a new feature is being added. You have to know this.

Check out the new feature

Do you have this Apple Watch? Then you will not receive the watchOS 11 update

iPhone news

Apple will release watchOS 11 this fall, but not all Apple Watches will receive this update. Apple once continued to sell the Apple Watch Series 3 even though it had not received the announced watchOS update. Apple did not make this mistake again. An Apple Watch that doesn't receive watchOS 11 has not been sold for some time.

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It's about this Apple Watch

The iPhone 15 discount is now up to €7.50 per month

Download songs in Apple Music: This is how you listen to music offline

Download apple music

Downloading music in Apple Music is very convenient. You no longer need an internet connection if you want to listen to your favorite songs via the app. This is useful, for example, if you are traveling or do not have reception on the plane. Moreover, you can save a lot of data. We explain how to do it.

This is how you can download music

A very old method: Apple is ending support for these iPhones

Very Old

Did you know that Apple has a list of devices that are still worth supporting? Now Apple has updated the list again and a number of products are now “obsolete” or “obsolete”, including a particularly popular iPhone model. Do you have this form? So, it's time for a new iPhone.

It's about this iPhone

The iPhone 15 discount is now up to €7.50 per month

What's new on Netflix and Apple TV Plus: See our tips for April 2024

Apple TV Plus

In April 2024, a number of the best movies and series will be added monthly to streaming services Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Videoland. But what is it about this very wide selection that you should really look at? You can read about it in this article with our streaming tips for April.

View our tips here

You can connect all of this to the iPhone 15's USB-C port

iPhone USB C connection

The iPhone 15 is the first Apple phone with a USB-C port, as a result of new European legislation. The advantage of this is that you can now charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods and MacBook with the same cable. Moreover, you can connect more devices to your iPhone 15.

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