May 30, 2024

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Joachim Meijer enjoys playing again: “No more torment” |  RTL Street

Joachim Meijer enjoys playing again: “No more torment” | RTL Street

Joachim Meijer (46) is enjoying performing again. The comedian has worked hard on himself in recent years, so it no longer seems like an ordeal. “Physically, performing remains very difficult for me. But I am no longer swept up in this flow over which I no longer have any control. I no longer allow myself to suffer,” Jochem says in a conversation with the Volkskrant newspaper.

“Otherwise I will be in a state of complete physical deterioration.”

He says Joachim carefully considers his limits. “Play less. Go to bed early. I can't have a very big social life besides, because everything I do costs me energy. On a day like this, I don't plan anything else. One thing a day. “These are very strict rules. Very difficult, because I'm having so much fun. But otherwise I will absolutely go to hell physically.”

“In the past, I could only feel satisfied if I ended up vomiting, because then I would give everything. Literally everything. Now I no longer give everything physically. But I give everything in my weakness,” Jochem says. . His performance revolves around his divorce and his parents' car accident, among other issues. “If I really show my weakness, I will touch someone who witnessed it as well.”

Jochem ran tests for its new software last year exactly likehis first cabaret show since 2019. This performance is now as good as over.