March 2, 2024

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Iran launches animals into space and wants its own manned space mission next

Iran launches animals into space and wants its own manned space mission next

Iran announced that it has launched a capsule into space that can transport animals. The Islamic Republic also wants to send humans into Earth orbit by the end of this decade.

The Iranian news agency IRNA published this news on Wednesday. The country is said to have developed a capsule designed to transport the animals into Earth orbit, about 130 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Communications Minister Issa Zaripour, who reported the news to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, did not say whether there were any animals on board the plane.

According to Zarepour, this should be the first in a series of test launches. A number of capsules containing animals will soon be sent into space. Eventually, the country wants to send astronauts into Earth orbit in 2029, according to reports AP.

Not the first time

According to Iran, this is not the first time it has sent animals into space. Ten years ago, the Shiite Republic is said to have already transferred two monkeys. Then the animals will return safely to Earth.

The country also places a fair number of satellites in Earth orbit. In September, Iran placed another satellite at an altitude of about 450 kilometers. It is an imaging satellite The third of its kind, for the army. According to the Iranian regime, a number of other satellites will be launched in the coming months.

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The West is not happy

Although Iran claims that its space program is for peaceful purposes, the West is not happy about it. The United States and Europe claim that technology developed by the Islamic Republic could be used to make nuclear missiles.

Iran has built up its stock of enriched uranium in recent years, after the nuclear agreement with the West ended in 2018 due to US President Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from it. The country now possesses enough uranium that is almost weapons-grade Several nuclear bombs To produce.

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