June 21, 2024

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Is this pun the new Wordle?

Is this pun the new Wordle?

Over a year and a half ago, Wordle took the internet by storm. This week, The New York Times, which bought this word game for no less than a million euros, launched a new word puzzle. After a trial period, the newspaper appears to have achieved new success.

The Times’s new word puzzle is called “Communication.” The game was quietly released this summer, but is only now joining the official games lineup. During that testing period, Connections was run millions of times each week. Without having to run a major campaign, it quickly became the newspaper’s second most talked about game – after Wordle, of course.

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Links is a word puzzle, just like Wordle. This time it is an association game. The newspaper presents you with 16 words at a time. The goal is to group four times four words that belong together. For example, the words “brush,” “easel,” “brush,” and “canvas” belong together because they are all things you can paint with. But often the connection is more complex than that. For example, the word “saw” was recently placed next to the word “zipper”, because both objects have “teeth.” You are allowed to make a maximum of four errors. And you didn’t find the word then? Then the game is over. Just like with Wordle, you can only complete a communications puzzle once per day. Proven formula makes the game more addictive.


According to Jonathan Knight, head of gaming at The New York Times, they have been working on the “communications” for over a year. “She is very friendly and easy to understand,” Knight explains. Moreover, an editor was appointed whose task was to think or compose clever words. “This human element” makes the game more “magical,” Knight says.

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