April 15, 2024

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It is believed that three people died in a mining accident in Spain

It is believed that three people died in a mining accident in Spain

Potassium mine in Syria.© Shutterstock

Three people are believed to have died in an accident at a mine in Catalonia, northeastern Spain. According to the Spanish media, these are three geologists, two of whom are students. Catalan Interior Minister Joan Ignasi Elena declined to confirm the deaths at a news conference.

mtmsource: BELGA

The accident occurred in a potassium salt mine in Syria, about 75 km northwest of Barcelona. The death of three workers at a depth of about 900 meters was initially confirmed by Catalan Prime Minister Pere Aragones on Twitter, but later he tweeted it online again.

Catalan Interior Minister Joan Ignasi Elena told a press conference at around 1:30 p.m. that workers were trapped in the mine. “Access to the mine is difficult. We fear the worst, but we cannot provide more information.”

According to the local union, the victims were geologists taking measurements. Spanish media reported two master’s students and one geologist working for the company.

According to public broadcaster RTVE, which relies on data from ICL Iberia Suria & Sallent, the company that operates the mine, no other employees are involved.

In Spain, there has been strong criticism of working conditions and safety in the mines for years. In December 2013, two miners were killed in a similar accident at a Syria mine.

Rescue teams and medical personnel were immediately dispatched to the scene after the landslide on Thursday, according to official reports. She says the rescue effort is “very difficult”. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

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