March 25, 2023

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New missile attacks in Kharkov, Odessa and western Ukraine, and explosions in Kiev too: “far from over”

The first explosions took place in Kiev in the Holosev district, south of the capital, the city’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, reported on social media. Klitschko said that later explosions occurred in the Svyatoshinsky district, wounding two people. “All services are placed on site.”

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Kiev firefighters extinguish blazes after several explosions in the capital.© Reuters

© Reuters

© Reuters

Maxim Tucker, journalist from times, posted a video to Twitter purporting to show smoke billowing from a thermal power plant in the capital. Mayor Klitschko has since confirmed the factory attack and stated that 40 percent of Kiev’s population is currently without heat. It is currently 4 degrees in Kiev. “The water supply is operating normally.”

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Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

On Thursday morning, the operator Energoatom announced that the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, has been disconnected from the electricity grid again due to the bombing. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Also in August last year, the nuclear power plant was temporarily disconnected for the first time in nearly 40 years. Then it took two weeks for the plant to recover.

In the city and region of Kharkov, “the enemy carried out about fifteen attacks,” according to Governor Oleg Sengubov’s online report. He also warned of the possibility of further attacks. “Occupiers once again targeted essential facilities.” The governor said a house was also hit.

“collective attack”

Mayor Igor Terechev said that there are problems with the electricity supply in the city of Kharkiv after damage to the power infrastructure.

Also in the Odessa region, “missiles hit the regional energy infrastructure and damaged residential buildings,” said Governor Maxim Marchenko. He talks about a “massive missile attack”. “Fortunately, there were no injuries,” the governor continued. He has already warned of a second wave of attacks and told civilians to take shelter. Restrictions were also placed on the use of electricity.

Serhiy Hamali, governor of the Khmelnytsky region in western Ukraine, also reported that “the enemy is attacking essential infrastructure.” He asked the population to stay in shelters.

“It’s not over yet”

According to the British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Symons, the Russian attacks are “not over yet”. “Friends and colleagues in Kiev were woken up this morning by explosions and shaking windows,” she wrote on Twitter. “This is not over yet and the only option left for the Ukrainians is to drive the Russians out of their borders again.”

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