April 23, 2024

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It is mandatory in any country

When, how much do it How to verify compliance with the Green Pass and related legislation is not only an issue applicable to Italy, but it is acrossEuropean union.

Between surveillance, sanctions, obligations and social dynamics, the Green Pass is mandatory in other European countries with different activities and weights depending on location. Let’s see In any country Of the European Union The green pass is mandatory And what are the general guidelines outside of Italy.

In which countries is the Green Pass mandatory: Travel first

Even before the internal debate in the various EU countries, Green pass is mandatory for travel Between countries that require this certification.

This means it is good to inquire all the Italians who want to travel to Europe Rules It is useful to transport within the host country because they are not always the same for every destination.

This is especially true Those who booked their vacation in August and risk cancellations or delays.

France and green pass

The France The European country is increasingly pushing for the expansion of the use of the Green Pass to other activities and to enter the area of ​​French capability. In France, the duty to show Green bass Not only in theater and community meeting places, but also on board buses and trains, al Super Market And in stores.

However, it seems that this tough line that Emmanuel Macron is trying to impose is coming Softening Further attention to the Italian model of restricting the obligation to social activities, without touching the limit on access to food, would be very difficult to justify, according to French government lawyers. Will beGreen pass duty To access Health facilities.

UK and all for free

The opposite of France is England. In fact, in the UK, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson Despite his announcement, he has suspended all internal controls within the country New rules In early September.

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The idea of ​​the British government was to create a maneuver to push the youth Get vaccinated Through campaigns Awareness, Instead of creating a control system and barriers based on a social nature and access to places of entertainment.

Spain and Portugal

Spain has the Green Pass Tourism is a must And, in particular, to participate in events with a capacity of more than 500 people in Catalonia.

In Portugal, however, the path of government is very rough and Health Pass Going to a restaurant is mandatory in 60 different municipalities, including Lisbon and Porto. Also, the curfew order is from 11pm to 5am Very strict limits For bars and their times.

What is happening in Germany

Germany has not yet set limits, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly stated, at least for now, not wanting to impose anything. L ‘Green Boss is not on duty plans Government officials and the Chancellor assure us of this aspect.

However, Angela Merkel urged people to get vaccinated as much as possible, and the government will continue to do so. Awareness campaigns In any case, the Green Pass does not provide any inherent obligation, either in relation to travel, or about entering into primary activities such as business, healthcare or supermarkets.

Greece and Delta variant

Fearing Delta variation, Greece decided Impose the Green Pass For bars and restaurants, and for all cultural sites.

Greek nightlife is undergoing changes in the normal course, especially in some areas Mykonos, Which did not eliminate music in night clubs long ago.

Denmark follows the French line

In Denmark, il Green Pass Service Almost go Everywhere. Green certification is used to go almost everywhere, except for primary products: restaurants, cinemas, theaters and even the hairdresser.

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Tax in practice Do not accept customers Inside the store without a green certificate.

The middle way of Latvia and Lithuania

However, with regard to this Latvia and Lithuania, The two countries have adopted an interim policy between strict control and the possibility of access Services even for those who have not been vaccinated.

In fact, Green Pass holders can easily access bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and social activities without any restrictions; Those without a green certificate can still access services, including bars and restaurants – but only outside Respecting the gap.