February 28, 2024

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Colombia, 25-year-old bungee dies untied from jumping – Libero Codydino

She does not understand that the start signal is not correct and she starts without safety Bungee Jumping: The 25-year-old girl who fell into the vacuum died after realizing she could only go during a launch, but in reality she was not yet bound by the ropes, and her flight ended in tragedy. This is a sad decision Yesinia Morales, A woman from Medellin, Colombia, went with her boyfriend to Amaga, a popular tourist resort in the southwestern part of the Antioch region, on Sunday, July 18, wanted to experience the thrill of jumping into a vacuum, but what an experience that ended in tragedy.

In fact the organizers kicked his fiance, but she thought it meant herself. In fact, the woman already had the saddle she needed, but was not yet tied with ropes, and she fell in front of her boyfriend’s eyes as she started herself. To all who saw the play as helpless, unable to do anything.

When help came to the 25-year-old, nothing more was done. According to the autopsy, the woman had died before she was hit on the ground. After a heart attack during the flight. “She was confused, the boy was already connected to safety equipment, so there was a signal to jump. They put her in the channel, so she got confused and hurried,” the local mayor said. There is no way for a plane to exit some ten meters from the overpass. First responders of the fire brigade They were able to reach her, it was too late for her, and they could only know of his death.

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