April 21, 2024

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“Very Resistant to Variations”

Israel Tests Vaccine Oral. It is the first country in the world to test an antidote Govt-19 Type. The product was developed by Ormate Drugs and will be held at the Saraswati Medical Center in clinical trials Tel Aviv, After the pharmaceutical company has received approval of the study protocol from the hospital’s institutional review board. However, a document is not yet available. This is the approval of the Ministry of Health, however it should come within a few weeks.

Eighty-five percent of school staff are vaccinated and teachers are asked to do so

Oral vaccine, who makes it

Ormate is a pharmaceutical company using technology developed by the Hadasa-University Medical Center in Jerusalem. The idea for a new oral vaccine was announced in March. A joint venture with India-based Premas Biotech was required. The two together formed Oravax. The vaccine is based on Oramat’s “POT” oral delivery technology and Premas vaccine technology.


How it works

The new oral Oravax vaccine targets the three structural proteins of the corona virus novel, as opposed to the single-spike protein targeted by current vaccines Modern e Pfizer. So “The vaccine is expected to be highly resistant to COVID-19Said Nadav Kidron, CEO of the pharmaceutical company. The vaccine is being tested in preliminary studies against COVID-19 strains, including delta.


“An oral COVID-19 vaccine will remove many of the barriers to rapid and large-scale distribution so that people can take the vaccine at home,” Kidron told the Jerusalem Post. “The simplicity of administration is needed today to speed up vaccination rates – he continued – the oral vaccine will become even more valuable if a Govt-19 vaccine is prescribed each year as a standard flu vaccine.” Oral vaccine is beyond safety and effective because oral medications “have fewer side effects” as indicated by Kitron.