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Two Kennedys, financial friends. Fiden’s Faces in the World Here- Corriere.it

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Dead widow in Austria, Caroline may be in Australia. There are also some rebellious Republicans

Our Correspondent is from Washington Kennedys is on the list of ambassadors, in fact on Joe Biden’s geopolitical map. Wednesday 21 July, President Victoria nominated Reggie Kennedy, 67, Ambassador to Vienna. Widow of Senator Ted Kennedy, she married for a second time in 1992, snatching him out of an unruly life. After the death of her husband (August 25, 2009), Victoria, who specialized in business law, dealt with a number of issues: from gun control to cultural development. Of course, Austria is not the center of US foreign policy. However, it is interesting to note how Biden tries to combine innovative figures and established traditions. On the other hand, the head of the White House will consider a position as ambassador to Asia or Australia Carolyn Kennedy, 63, daughter of President John.

All presidential appointments must be approved by the Senate. Biden has been accelerating over the past two months, covering more strategic boxes. Although some choices are unofficial. Starting in Beijing, the most difficult place, where to go Nicholas Burns, 65 Annie, George W.. As Under Secretary of State in the Bush administration and ambassador to Greece representing Bill Clinton, he is halfway between the academic world and institutions with bipartisan appreciation. He has recently worked for the Cohen Group, a consulting firm for defense companies interested in Asia, including China.

For now, Biden has chosen half of the future ambassadors Business Diplomats: Donald Trump is one percent higher or lower with 56%, but far from 70% of Barack Obama. Like all other presidents, Biden is fishing for a share of the future felons among his election campaign supporters. One of the most preferred cities is of course London, the capital that manages the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. In the city it is to be expected Jane Hartley, 71, is a fundraiser with the help of her husband, Finance Minister Ralph Schlossstein, to Obama’s Electoral Commission and later to Biden. The Chief Minister nominated his ambassador to Paris. The second, in fact, in London. David Cohen, 65, a Pennsylvania campaigner and comcast consultant, lives in Ottawa, Canada. Il Businessman Doug Hickey is scheduled to land in Rome, At the Embassy of Veneto, after coordinating the US participation in Milan Expo 2015.

The other type to watch out for are loyal politicians. Here the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Corsetti, 50, sided with Biden when the primary victory was not decided in advance. Corsetti wants to go to New Delhi, India Leaving controversy over the homeless emergency. Former Chicago Mayor Emmanuel Rahm, 61, was briefly assigned to Obama’s presidency, Tokyo, Japan.

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