April 22, 2024

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Jambon: 'Government was not negligent in PFOS scandal' |  interior

Jambon: ‘Government was not negligent in PFOS scandal’ | interior

Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) does not believe the Flemish government was negligent in the PFOS scandal surrounding the 3M plant in Zwijendrecht. Even before the scandal broke, the Flemish government launched an action plan that brought the problem to the surface.

On Friday, Jambon looked wide-eyed at a parliamentary committee in which some of the top 3 million people attended to explain the PFOS scandal and their company’s role in it. “You expect answers and a point of view, but they didn’t even want to answer some of the questions,” Gambon said Sunday morning on “Wakker op Zondag” on regional ATV in Antwerp. “I find this situation very hallucinatory.”

According to Gambon, the government was not careless. “As early as April 2020, when the problems surrounding 3M had not yet emerged, the Flemish government drew up an action plan for PFOS. Our inspections revealed the problem. Now it must be addressed.” The most important thing is that the one responsible for the pollution pays for it. Once it is clear who is responsible, they will pay for it. There are no compromises on safety and the environment.”

Later in the programme, the 3M dossier was discussed in a roundtable discussion between Hannes Anaf (Vooruit), the chair of the inquiry committee, Member of Parliament Koen Metsu (N-VA) and church attorney Rick Torvis. “3M clearly had nothing to do with people’s health, and the way they responded was less than adequate,” Annaf says. “The main task of our committee is to find out when political alarm bells should have gone off and why the government has failed to protect people from this. Additional questions will be asked on Monday in the hope of making this clear once and for all.”

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