February 6, 2023

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Jeremy Duques scored his first goal of the season: “He’s still very young” | League 1

Jeremy Duco It was the winner of the match against Bordeaux. The young Belgian scored the decisive goal 1-2 after the end of the first half. His first goal of the season was well evident in the close hug with teammate Arthur Tiat.

Rennes coach Bruno Genesio was satisfied: “Jeremy has been rewarded for his effort. It’s good for him that he managed to score, but he was particularly threatening from his left side.”

Dooku grew up in the match. “In the second half he played well, both with and without the ball. What wasn’t really good before the break, he was able to get it right.”

Due to injuries, Doku has not played much in recent years, but that may change in the near future. Doku is also prevented by Martin Terrier, but he has recently tore the cruciate ligament in his knee.

“With the busy schedule and backlog of matches, Dooku will inevitably get more playing time,” Genesio said. “Then it will quickly pick up the rhythm again and find the right feel.”

Above all, Geneseo claims patience with Dooku. “I remind everyone again, he’s still very young,” he says of the 20-year-old Belgian dribbler. “His training is not over yet. He still has to train to master the principles of football at the highest level.”

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