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Live: Fabio Silva puts Anderlecht ahead and saves Verbruggen with power  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Live: Fabio Silva puts Anderlecht ahead and saves Verbruggen with power Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 45′ – Yellow – Ismail Kundous
  2. 45′ – Yellow – Jan Vertonghen
  3. 42′ – Yellow – Christian Borges
  4. 39′ – Yellow – Amadou Diawara
  5. 21′ – Yellow – Majid Achimeru
  6. 13′ – Yellow – Bart Newcup
  7. 12′ – continued Lior Rafaeloff, Kilian Sardella
  8. 12 ‘ – Red – Moussa Ndiaye
  1. 70′ – continued Majid Achimero for Christian Arnstad
  2. 70′ – Fabio Silva continued from Benito Raman
  3. 64′ – Goal – Fabio Silva (1-0)
  4. 62′ – continued Osama Al-Azozi to Loic Laboussin
  5. 62′ – Bart Newcube continued for Cameron Puertas

Anderlecht lost the previous five meetings with the Union. Can RSCA stop that bad streak in their first league game of 2023? The Purple & White mainly struggles with defensive concerns. Follow the summit tonight from 6:30 p.m.

  1. Second half, 73rd minute.
  2. Second half, min. 72. The end of the unbeaten race? Verbruggen intercepts a harmless cross from Laboussin from midair. Al-Ittihad cannot control the match. Will it end tonight 10 games without defeat? It’s been since 9/11, at home against Genk, that the union is biting the sand again. .
  3. Second half, minute 70. Substitute Anderlecht, Christian Arnstad inside, Majid Achimero outside
  4. Second half, 70th minute. Substitution in Anderlecht, Benito Raman in, Fabio Silva out
  5. Second half, 68th minute. Substitute ovation for Silva, set aside for Raman. Achimero is also allowed to rest at Anderlecht, and Arnstad is his replacement. .
  6. Second half, 67th minute. The home crowd creates an atmosphere at Lotto Arena. Belief in this long-awaited triple pointer against the union is growing, but there is still a long way to go. Can the union respond? .
  7. Second half, 66th minute.
  8. Second half goal, 64th minute by Fabio Silva of Anderlecht. 1, 0.
  9. Second half, min. 64. Silva does it for Anderlecht! Anderlecht actually takes the lead with one man less! Amuzu puts Kendos in the wind and passes the ball in front of the goal. There Silva scores a 1-0 high into the goal. His first field goal since October 9th. .
  10. Verbruggen keeps it to zero! After a great heel from Van der Heyden, Vanzeir can slam into the box, but Verbruggen keeps Anderlecht straight again with a great save. The Dutch goalkeeper proves tonight why Rimmer put him in the crossbar. . Second half, 63rd minute.
  11. Second half, 62nd minute. Double substitution. Geerts sees that things are not working and intervenes in the union. Nieuwkoop and El Azzouzi were put aside in favor of Puertas and Lapoussin. .
  12. Second half, minute 62. Union substitution, Loic Laboussin inside, Osama Al-Azozi out.
  13. Second half, 62nd minute. Union replaced in, Cameron Puertas in, and Bart Neukop out
  14. Second half, 61st minute. Anderlecht is back again. Murillo puts the ball low in front of goal, but Silva smothers his control at the near post and flicks the ball wide. Letting the ball pass to Vershairen was a better option. .
  15. Second half, 59th minute.
  16. Second half, 55th minute. Very dirty. Anderlecht could threaten a sharp change again, but Achimero’s final pass to Amuzu isn’t precise enough. Anyway, you can’t blame Anderlecht for their lack of effort today. But will it yield anything in the future? .
  17. Second half, minute 54. I’m looking for Al-Ittihad. The top ten from Anderlecht are holding on without too much trouble at the moment. Al-Ittihad is certainly not playing its best game. She is looking for solutions for the vice hero. .
  18. Second half, minute 50. Lazar presents the first achievement for Al-Ittihad. He cuts in from the right and takes a swing, but his shot is easy for Verbruggen. .
  19. Second half, minute 48. Strong start from Anderlecht. Anderlecht storms out of the dressing room and actually puts Union under pressure, but Achimero chokes on his dribbling and Maurice can intervene. The home team clearly wants to make something of it. After losing to the Union for the sixth time in a row, Purple & White definitely wants to avoid it. .
  20. Second half, 46th minute, the game started
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