December 8, 2023

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Jetse summer bar at Chez Soje closed earlier due to inconvenience

Jetse summer bar at Chez Soje closed earlier due to inconvenience

Chez Soje opened a successful summer bar this summer to complement Jette’s Terrace. Both the municipality and the customers are excited, but the restaurant closes the summer bar early due to the inconvenience.

Chez Soje opened an additional bar this summer. It looks like the summer bar was a hit. But despite the support of the city council, Broustinlaan residents and customers, the summer pub “often has hygiene problems”.

When the staff of Chez Soje arrive in the morning at Broustinlaan, they first spend a great deal of time preparing the grounds. Think, for example, of empty cans, full trash bags, and stray shared bikes. But this week they found a basic bike that someone pulled out of the ground.

© Frédéric Dubois / Facebook

| Impression of the summer bar.

The catering staff can’t get enough of that. “Since our workload is already high, we can’t do any more work to keep this area clean,” Chez Soje wrote on Facebook to inform its customers. The catering company decided to close the summer tavern early: mid-August instead of the end of August.

The Jetse Mounir Laarissi (Les Engagés) cleaner ships know the problem, but there is no clear solution. In time, the market will come to the area, which should provide a new dynamism in Broustinlaan.

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