April 1, 2023

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Jill de Paul shows how useful Kastaar can be! It could be: “come in handy on a cool evening” | BV

BVOn Saturday evening, Gilles de Paul (41 years old) was allowed to castrate! for “Best Fantasy Series”, for “The Uncles”. A great honor, but also very practical when your windows are frozen, as it turns out. “And if you have a Kastaar on such a cold evening! Wins, it’s very useful, ”de Beule shows in a video on social media, after which he scrapes the ice on the car with his trophy. Just to add a quick grin: “That’s not my car.”


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a look. The Uncles win Castar! For Best Fantasy Series

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Jelle De Beule shows how you can still use Kastaar © RV / Instagram Stories @jelle.de.beule

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