July 21, 2024

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Jimmy Kimmel and Coachella: Stromae has a great weekend on US soil |  showbiz

Jimmy Kimmel and Coachella: Stromae has a great weekend on US soil | showbiz

It’s clear that Stromae’s music isn’t just for us to enjoy. After releasing his new song Santé in December on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, he performed on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday. No streaming performance this time around: Stromae was already in the States. He released his latest single “Fils de Joie” there and it was clearly appreciated. “This whole album is so good. Stroma is incredibly talented.” Also: “I got to know him in French class. And then he’s on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’ just like that.” Another was thrilled that the United States seemed to fall in love with the Belgian artist like a rock. “I am so happy that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves in America. Fortunately, Europe is giving him all the love he deserves.”

After his performance on the talk show, Stromae traveled to the site of the Coachella Festival. This legendary festival has been reorganized after a two-year absence due to the Coronavirus, and our compatriot has managed to replace a spot in the line-up both weekends. This is the second time that Stromae has performed there. In 2015, he was the only Belgian allowed to perform at the festival, a performance that was much appreciated. “This guy is the male Beyoncé,” it sounded complimented at the time. No one but Kanye West crawled onto the stage to perform the world-famous song “Alors on Dance”.

The new group that Stromae played at Coachella has been praised on social media. “Maybe it was the best performance I’ve seen here,” he said, among other things. Also: “It’s crazy to see Stromae on stage at Coachella. This guy has been excelling in the music scene for nearly ten years, and I’m glad he finally got the recognition he deserves, right here on the main stage. And he was fantastic, as always.” During his performance, Stromae, among other things, performed a cappella version of “Mon Amour”.

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