April 16, 2024

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Jitske Van de Veire had eyelid correction: “It looks black and blue” |  BV

Jitske Van de Veire had eyelid correction: “It looks black and blue” | BV

BVFollowers of Jitske Van de Veire, 29, may have been shocked upon seeing her latest Instagram story. The entrepreneur posted a photo online showing that she had her eyes sewn up. “It sounds terrible. I know.”

What is the reason for the presence of threads in her eyelids? Jitske corrected the eyelid. “I lost more than twenty kilograms in a relatively short time. As a result, my eyelids began to droop and I had a headache.” But there are also two other reasons: “It’s also hereditary. My mom, for example, also suffers from it. And to be very honest … It’s also for the aesthetic side. She also looked more tired, so I decided it could be a bit removed.”

But despite the need for surgery, Van de Veer had some doubts about posting the photo online. “I was a little afraid of how people would react: ‘You always advocated self-love and body positivity, and now your eyelids are corrected.'” But the only feedback I’ve had so far is actually very positive. A lot of people are saying, ‘Yeah, I actually did that.’ So it really seems like a living thing.”

fur and blue

According to Jitske, the process went very well. “Within a couple of days, my threads can be removed and then taken care of very well afterward. Over time they will look natural. Everyone who sees me now is thinking, ‘Oh God, what happened to you.’ Because it also looks black and blue. But look, you have to do something about it.” Jitske concludes.

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