June 24, 2024

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John de Mol refuses to interview 'Angry': 'Dazed at new accusations' |  showbiz

John de Mol refuses to interview ‘Angry’: ‘Dazed at new accusations’ | showbiz

showbizJohn de Mol declined the second interview requested by Boos about the abuse on The Voice. He said so in a statement. In it he says he is “stunned” by the “false accusations” that he was aware of more than one instance of aggressive behavior by squad leader Jeroen Rittbergen.

According to de Mol’s statement, “there will be new information by which it appears that, at the time of the first interview, John de Mol was aware of more than one case of Mr Rittbergen’s sexual misconduct.” “We are astounded by this false accusation, because the truth is that at the time John de Molle was not known by more than one report.”

Rietbergen was the one who spoke about the music on “The Voice of Holland”. He was also the partner of Linda de Mol, John’s sister. Earlier, the head of Talpa admitted that he was aware of the case of Rietbergen’s infringing behavior and would then show him every corner of the room.

Secret recorded conversation

“Angry” indicated to De Mol that Rietbergen’s infringing behavior had been reported earlier. After requesting an interview with Tim Hoffman, De Mol wanted to see the material on which the claim was based. It will be a secretly recorded conversation between an alleged victim and a confidant of the ITV production company, which produced “The Voice”.

De Mol replies: “An anonymous, edited transcript of a recorded telephone conversation. Partly because of this, the conversation was barely intelligible. This made it difficult to respond. Given the importance of confidentiality to the role of the secret advisor, we have serious reservations about this situation. The apps we’ve seen don’t provide any new information. In general, there is no concrete evidence for this accusation.”

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There will be no interview, according to the head of Talpa, because he does not want to get involved in the “luxury discussion.” In addition, he adds, “we are no longer responding to anonymous accusations.” About the ‘Boos’ sequel: “The first broadcast was revealing and starting a social discussion in which the position of the victims was central, and rightly so. In this sequel, it seems to come down to the question of whether John de Mol was aware of more than one report. We can be clear about that. , at the time of the “angry” interview, John de Mol was aware of one specific case.

No response from BNNVara

BNNVara previously announced that it did not want to report anything about the “Boos” broadcast before it went online on Thursday afternoon. In January, the program allowed several women to talk about sexual misconduct behind the scenes of the popular singing competition “The Voice” on RTL 4. Several of the women told Hoffmann their story about band leader Rietbergen and director Martijn N. Two women said they filed a complaint against Coach Ali B. After the broadcast, more women went to the police.

RTL has pulled The Voice, Ali B and Borsato are still missing from the spotlight. Rietbergen admitted that he acted too much. He submitted his resignation immediately and left for the United States. Linda de Mol and they broke up. At the end of April, the Public Prosecution Office announced that it would launch a criminal investigation against the four suspects (Ali B, Borsato, Rittbergen and director Martin N.). It is still unknown whether someone should appear in court.

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