February 20, 2024

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Joke Emmers and Bart Cannaerts nearly smashed the studio: This was the 'world's smartest person'

Joke Emmers and Bart Cannaerts nearly smashed the studio: This was the ‘world’s smartest person’

Emmers joke, which you know from ‘Beau séjour’ and ‘Bilie vs. Benjamin appeared tonight in The Smartest Person. Just like her first post, five years ago, this one was accompanied by many fits of laughter. It got even more beautiful when she and the other candidates had to show off their best drunk pose during the DIY assignment. Bart Kanerts didn’t tear up the studio.

Wout Desmytere

Last night’s winner:

On the video tour it got interesting for a while, but Bart Kanerts took the victory.


Actress Jock Emers played Jill Clemens in House. She knew what the four seafood dishes are most often ordered at De Kombuis in Zeebrugge. “While I eat vegetarian. I don’t know all these monsters! “

Tonight’s new arrival:

Ex-Mole Jill Van Boyle.

Best quotes:

Judge Rick Ferheyabout the drama school entrance exam: “I had to play in the fridge with a toothache. I was totally banned and just asked, ‘Excuse me, do I have a freezer or not?’ And I was accepted.”


Van Lowe: “Mike, are you a polyglot?”

Mike Kavmeyer: “Oh, no. Mathematics is not really for me.”


Van Loion donating his body to science: “Would I be a good donor?”

verhi: “You can still get those lenses back, the rest for the container park.”

The most beautiful moment:

Candidates had to recreate images showing traces of sugar. For prevention, Quizmaster Van Looy explained. That led to beautiful shots of Joke Emmers and Bart Cannaerts, who nearly broke his chair. Jill Clemens was encouraged by the jury and audience to get into the ring, but in the end he kept it more modest. (duo)

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