May 30, 2023

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Julie Vermeer always shares her natural-looking secrets. “I never get rid of freckles” | Nina

Julie Vermeer (24) shares her recipe for it in her first book A look of sparkling soul. In other words: how you can always be your positive self. Jolie prefers to do it without a layer of makeup, and she has more secrets for more self-confidence. But is it possible to be happy all the time? “What did I really do wrong? Nothing. I am a little girl who dares to dream.”

The most famous chapter in Jolie’s book “Soulshine on Socials”? It begins on page eighteen: “Soulshine Look.” This look involves going out every day with a smile, as Jolie tries to do. In fact, she has made it her trademark.

“The term is a perfect match for who I am, because I am spirit Literally like late shines. I always try to be in a good mood. By the way, the sun helps me with this. I’m a summer person: when the sun comes out, I instantly feel cheerful radiates Me more.”

What else goes with this “spiritual appearance”? natural appearance. So no makeup. “I apply a day cream and take care of my skin, but the feeling of a layer of makeup sticking? I like it less. I also have no patience to remove makeup in the evening. So I rarely wear makeup, because I like it better without it.”


I remember wearing mascara all the time in high school because I thought it was supposed to be that way. And if I didn’t, people might think I was ugly.

Julie Vermeer

“When I make up for an event, I like to see the difference more. But until then, I take it as naturally as possible.” How do you get natural makeup? No black eyeliner, dark shadows, or heavy colors, according to Jolie. “It’s important to remain recognizable by subtly highlighting. So I don’t draw freckles, I’d hate that.”

look. Hanne van K3 appeared on TV in Love for music without makeup or embarrassment

Is makeup bad?

The fact that Hanne van K3 appears on TV in “Love for music” without makeup or embarrassment only encourages Jolie. “Hanne is always in the picture with makeup on because of her job, but she’s also a normal woman who wants to go out without makeup. We definitely need to get used to makeup-free faces more. Then the threshold won’t be so high.”

Of course, many women use makeup because it gives them an extra boost. Julie: “I understand and everyone should do what they feel comfortable with. I remember wearing mascara all the time in high school because I thought it was supposed to be that way. Stop it, but it wasn’t easy.

And now I hear people say, ‘It’s easy for you to talk, ’cause you don’t need makeup.’ But again: If you want to wear makeup, you really should. I just hope people who are a little insecure get an extra boost from this look.” Spiritual. They see it as a kind of clarification.

Natural look for all sizes and shapes

This natural look is not only about makeup, but clothes as well. “I always choose a relaxed style. They can be oversized: I have to be able to move well in my clothes and be who I am. For example, I don’t want to wear a dress in which I constantly have to tug at my stomach, so you don’t see a fat roll.”


People even bother to send me hate mail, telling me more about how miserable their lives are. I feel so sorry.

Julie Vermeer

“Two years ago I was called pregnant because I didn’t flatten my stomach in a video,” says Jolie. Then a seed was planted in her head. I thought I should use my position to set an example for others. Me too. I don’t have a size 36, but it’s not essential for me. I am now living a happy life and have found my balance in terms of food and exercise. It’s also good that there are more and more profiles online that show real, natural bodies and faces.”

look. How do you deal with the pressure of social networking sites? A question Julie Vermeer found the answer to by trial and error

How (un)realistic is it to always be happy?

Positivity radiates from the book. And also from “Julie’s Spiritual Look”. “I have a positive attitude anyway, but that’s also because of the people around me. If your environment is positive, that’s really a lot. I’m not someone who lingers in negativity for long, eg with hate reactions. I can’t say it doesn’t bother me.” , But I’m not going to get off the map like I was three years ago. I’m attracted to people who are fans.”


It’s not the smell of roses and sunsets with me every day. You cannot be happy every day in this world.

Julie Vermeer

Because Jolie still had something to put up with. “I’ve been asking myself the question why am I doing all this, if there’s so much negative feedback? People who are bothering to send me hate mail…but it says more about how miserable their lives are. I feel sorry for that. There are parents with kids. Bad.” They are such a bad example. What did I actually do wrong? Nothing. I’m a little girl with dreams and I want to make them come true. Someone who wants to be positive.”

When asked if Jolie forces people to always be happy with her book, she answers firmly. “Look, not every day with me smells of roses and sunsets, me either. You can’t be happy every day in this world. But for people who are struggling, I try to be a positive light. Sometimes sending: Thank you for your positivity, you support me. Voila I want to keep doing that.”

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