May 28, 2024

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Kedist Deltour's Exciting Miss Universe Countdown: "V...

Kedist Deltour’s Exciting Miss Universe Countdown: “V…

Cedest Deltour hopes to impress the Miss Universe jury with her national dress, among other things. © AP

Kedist Deltour (24) has now approached the moment of truth for the Miss Universe contest. Elections begin in a few hours. “But KDIS delivers on it with complete confidence,” said Darlene DeVos of the Miss Belgium panel.

The 2021 Miss Universe elections will begin at 1 a.m. in Eilat, Israel, and Miss Belgium Kdesset Deltour, 24, from Belgium, is widely seen as a contender for the coveted crown.

Meanwhile, Deltour already had a full day of preparations. “Today there was a rehearsal with public rehearsal at the end,” says Darlene de Vos, director of the Miss Belgium Committee who guides Cedest on-site with good advice. “I do this via Whatsapp, among other things, because personal contact is no longer possible because the candidates are staying in a separate hotel that is closed.”

© AP

De Vos expects Tonight’s Show to last about three hours. “That’s long, but there are also quite a few commercial breaks in it. First, the ninety participants were introduced, but early on in the show that number was reduced to 16. One candidate is the audience’s favourite, 15 based on a jury vote. Then A bikini parade is held with these 16, after which the group returns to ten, they stand in a parade in evening costume and each has to answer a given question. Whoever gets to the last five is presented with a more complex question, which eventually leads to three Girls only. Then they each get a headset and all three have to answer the same question. Partly on the basis of this, it is decided who will get the title.”

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“The top ten would be very nice for Kidist,” says de Vos, who is naturally hoping for more. “The competition is strong, but in recent days I have heard very positive echoes all around. And this year, exactly forty years ago, another Belgian in the Miss Universe contest reached the last five. That was then Dominique van Eckhout. Perhaps that is a good omen” . (JDR)