October 2, 2022

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Martien Meiland responds for the first time after a media revolution: "Everything will be fine" |  showbiz

Martien Meiland responds for the first time after a media revolution: “Everything will be fine” | showbiz

showbizMartien Meiland, 60, first responded to the turmoil created by anti-Islamic statements in his wife Erica’s biography. Several companies have stopped working with the family in recent weeks due to the quotes and Erica has received death threats.

All is well, Martin told Dutch newspaper RTL Boulevard last weekend. “Yeah, great. Looking forward to the future with confidence and we’ll be enjoying a special Christmas feast. So yeah, it’s going to be all right, dude!”

In her book, Erica compares women who wear a burqa to penguins and describes the veil as “unnatural.” She also says that Islam “brings a lot of misery” and that she wants to stop that. Maxim’s daughter (26 years old) said after all the hype that she supported her mother, but she also had no intention of excluding or belittling the groups. Erica herself responded on Instagram at the beginning of this month. She wrote that “three words” from the book were “highlighted and blown up by various media.” “The many curses and the many expressions of support I received show that the Netherlands is very divided when it comes to criticism of Islam. My approach has always been and always will be to defend women’s rights!”

The media storm, however, has hit the Meiland family quite well. “Yeah, I just went to check Twitter and all I saw was vomiting faces,” she said recently on the Dutch talk show “Jinek.” “I receive death threats every day. Don’t make me sleep.”

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