April 16, 2024

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Kiev: Russian forces relentlessly attack Bashmut abroad

Kiev: Russian forces relentlessly attack Bashmut abroad

On Sunday, Russian forces made every effort to take control of the city of Pashmut in eastern Ukraine and all its suburbs. “They are attacking Pashmut and the surrounding cities continuously,” the Kiev General Staff said Sunday evening. President Volodymyr Zelensky added that the fighting in the region was “painful and difficult”. He praised the courage of the Ukrainian forces.

look. Chief Wagner warns the Kremlin: “If we withdraw from Bashmut now, the entire front will collapse.”

The populated areas around Bashmoit were once again subjected to heavy mortar and artillery fire. The city has been surrounded on three sides for several weeks. Only to the west did the Ukrainian defense still manage to supply and withdraw.

For the Kremlin, using the support of Wagner’s mercenaries on the ground, taking the stronghold looks like a dead end. This was accompanied by heavy casualties on both sides, although no official death toll is known.

The army command in Kiev spoke in the daily report of a “failed attack” by the Russians on Avdizhevka, north of Donetsk. There, too, many villages in the area were bombed indiscriminately.

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