May 26, 2024

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More than one in six people in the world is Catholic (Brussels)

More than one in six people in the world is Catholic (Brussels)

The number of Catholics worldwide will rise to about 1.378 billion people in 2021, according to the Vatican. Growth occurs mainly in Africa.

The Catholic Church will have about 1.38 billion followers around the world in 2021. This was stated by the official news portal Vatican News From the Statistical Yearbook of Korea. According to the report, it is an annual increase of 1.3%.

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While there was no change in Europe, there were more and more Catholics in Africa in particular (more than 3 percent more than in 2020). In America and Asia there was an increase of about 1 percent.


Catholics make up about 17.67 percent of the world’s population accordingly Annuarium statisticum ecclesiaethe official name for the Vatican yearbook.

The number of Africans in particular is growing: in 2021, more than 19 percent of Catholics come from that continent. According to statistics, now there are almost as many Africans as there are European Catholics. About half of Catholics (48 percent) come from North, Central and South America. The country with the largest number of Catholics is Brazil, with 180 million.

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