March 2, 2024

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King Charles responds timidly after being accused of racism: “I’m fine… just” |  Property

King Charles responds timidly after being accused of racism: “I’m fine… just” | Property

PropertyKing Charles (75 years old) responds for the first time to accusations of racism. The British monarch was mentioned in the book by royal watcher Omid Scobie as one of the racist royals that Meghan Markle spoke out about in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Charles is currently in Dubai to meet some world leaders at the COP28 climate conference. But the journalists present were mainly interested in the information leaked yesterday. In the Dutch translation of “Endgame,” the new book by royal watchdog Omid Scobie, he is mentioned as one of the racist royals who questioned baby Archie’s skin color. In addition, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was mentioned. Initially, Scobie said he would not reveal the names for legal reasons. This information cannot be found in any other translations.

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Scobie thinks he knows nothing, but it is unclear whether it is a mistake in the Dutch version of his work, or a deliberate leak intended to publicize names.

When asked how he was now, the king surprisingly replied: “I’m fine… just about.” Only five words, but they sum up how depressed the king is now. He quickly recovered and added: “I recently had a birthday that left me old, and I’m still recovering from that.” For the rest of the day, Charles showed no sign of concern about Scooby’s claims.

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Search for “royal racist”

In 2021, Meghan Markle spoke about her reasons for leaving the monarchy. She also spoke out about an alleged racist royal family member. “Questions were asked about Archie’s skin colour,” she said. “And what could that mean?” However, she refused to name names at the time, and the search for the alleged ‘royal racist’ has been ongoing ever since. “That would be very damaging to the monarchy.” Scobie stated in recent interviews that he was aware of the situation: “I know who the racist royals are, but I will not mention their names for legal reasons.” For some reason it happened now. Read more about the mysterious leak here.

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