March 2, 2024

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Weatherwoman Jacquot Broquin reveals a clever trick from her predecessor Frank Debusser: ‘You have to pretend’ |  Showbiz

Weatherwoman Jacquot Broquin reveals a clever trick from her predecessor Frank Debusser: ‘You have to pretend’ | Showbiz

Nice weather on Thursday evening in “The Smartest Person in the World” thanks to the arrival of Jacquot Brocken. Not only did the newly appointed VRT meteorologist show herself to be a tough tester, but she also leaked some behind-the-scenes secrets.

Less than eight minutes into the test, Jacquot Brocken (30) has already revealed the weather forecast. Although the VRT news is broadcast live, the accompanying talk about the weather appears to have been pre-recorded. “This is not alive at all,” Jacquot says. Next, competition director Eric Van Looi wants to see if it records different types of climate and then broadcasts the most suitable type. “No, that’s not how it works,” he says, laughing.

Then jury member Bart Kannerz said he was happy with Broken’s arrival. “I once did a poll with a hundred people, and one of the questions was that they had to name a male or female meteorologist. Seventy percent said ‘Jacot Broken.’” Sabine Hagedoren, Jill Peters… Everything forgotten. Madness. Like a comet, You are simply the chief meteorologist. Your predecessor, er… Frans Debusschere, has already been completely forgotten.

And then Jacquot shared another fact. For example, when it was warm, Frank DeBussier went to get a glass of water while talking about the weather. Which is something Jacquot also wanted to do as a tribute. “But it’s difficult,” she explained. “You have half a minute, and you explain what the weather will be like in the coming days. But you also have to pretend you’re not walking. This means going straight to that cup of water, which is out of the picture. Then you have to try to stand in the same place again (where you were before, editor), and then finish correctly. Even after that, Jacquot showed that she had a lot of humour. For example, she talked about her fans and nickname “Jacuzzi” during her school days. “But nothing really happened that made me get it,” she added immediately. Shortly afterward, the VRT face was also surprised by her knowledge of the rapper, giving Jacquot eight correct answers during the photo round.

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In the game, Guga Baùl – thanks to a difficult round of videos – won for the second time with a total of 558 seconds. With a fourth appearance under his belt, the Ostend native appears certain of his place in recent weeks. For example, he has already beaten Elisabeth Lucie Payten and Manu Van Acker, with the latter losing his place in the top eight.

Jacquot took second place and Charlotte third. Ghent’s musicianship seemed to be less good in the match on Thursday, and that continued today also during the final. In the end, she was stunned by a question about the Greek hero Achilles, and Charlotte could only think of two good answers. As a result, she unleashed Jacquot. Weather forecasting company VRT ran its competitor home with the keyword “Homeros.” However, Adigiri handled her loss with sportsmanship and took the opportunity to thank everyone. “I really enjoyed it,” he said. With seven entries – and four wins – the artist will definitely return in recent weeks.

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