March 5, 2024

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Taylor Swift moves in with Travis Kelce on ‘practice tour’ in new $6M villa: ‘If all goes well, she’ll move in forever’ |  celebrities

Taylor Swift moves in with Travis Kelce on ‘practice tour’ in new $6M villa: ‘If all goes well, she’ll move in forever’ | celebrities

celebritiesTaylor Swift (33) and Travis Kelce (34) are ready for the next step in their relationship. The pop star has now moved into her new villa – worth $6 million – which Kelsey reportedly bought especially for her. For now, this is still a “practice round,” according to an insider. But if all goes well, the pop star will live there “forever.”

A moving truck was seen at the massive building in Kansas City on Tuesday, just one day after Taylor performed her latest “Eras” concert in South America. The singer now has a few months to rest before she returns to the stage in Japan in February. The couple wants to use this time to enjoy each other and spend time with each other’s families, an insider told the Daily Mail. Until now, the lovebirds always had to travel many kilometers to be together. For example, Taylor has previously watched the NFL player’s games several times and Kelsey traveled to Argentina in November to visit the singer during her “Eras Tour.”

“These are clearly not things a normal couple would do in their first months together,” the source said. “But now Taylor and Travis can try to be as normal as possible. They finally have the time and opportunity to do something real.” Quality time Let’s spend it together.”

Travis Kelsey’s villa © Brian Burns Photography

It appears that the singer “has not yet officially moved in” with Travis. “But if everything continues to go well, they will continue to live together, because that’s what couples in love do. In a way, it’s a kind of exercise.” According to insiders, friends and family believe Taylor and Travis are soulmates, just like the couple themselves. “They’re both completely obsessed with each other and, yes, very much in love. They want the same things in life, a future and maybe a family. They will only distance themselves from each other if it’s necessary for their careers.” For Taylor, it’s about where her heart is — and now Her heart is at home in Kansas City with the man she loves.”

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look. Taylor Swift jumps into Travis Kelce’s arms and kisses him after a show in Buenos Aires

Taylor and Travis also want to spend the holidays together. They were also planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other’s families, but that was cancelled. Just one week before the holiday, Swifty Ana Clara Benevides, 23, died of heat during an “Eras” show in Rio de Janeiro. She said at the time that Taylor was “devastated.”

The source continued that the singer will bid farewell to her private home, but will not put any of her possessions up for sale. Taylor himself owns a real estate portfolio that includes no less than 8 properties with a combined value of about 138 million euros. “These houses don’t sell and they don’t get rid of any of their stuff.”