March 2, 2024

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King Charles’ tie controversy: Is he involved in a diplomatic row between the British and the Greeks?  |  Property

King Charles’ tie controversy: Is he involved in a diplomatic row between the British and the Greeks? | Property

PropertyOn Friday, British King Charles (75 years old) wore a tie bearing the colors and symbols of the Greek flag. Nothing special, at first glance. But in light of the diplomatic dispute between the United Kingdom and Greece over art. Did he want to announce his position in a hidden way?

look. King Charles wore the tie in question at the climate conference in the United Arab Emirates:

The British and Greeks have been feuding for decades over the world-famous Parthenon sculptures, some of which are displayed partly in the British Museum in London and partly in Athens. The dispute reached a new high or low last week.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the BBC that the artworks should be returned to Greece. Later, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak canceled a scheduled meeting with Mitsotakis. A diplomatic dispute arose between the two European countries.

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A visitor to the British Museum in London admires parts of the Parthenon sculptures. © Reuters

The 2,500-year-old sculptures, also known as the Elgin Marbles, were removed from the Parthenon in Athens in 1806 by British diplomat Lord Elgin. The British and Greeks have been arguing about this for decades. The British Museum does not wish to return historical works of art, at most it will lend them out, on the condition that Athens acknowledges that the museum is the owner.


The case concerns the United Kingdom. It now appears that King Charles, who as head of state must adopt a neutral position, has intervened in the diplomatic dispute. Not by making statements, but by seemingly expressing his point of view on his choice of tie.

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“In the week that Rishi Sunak canceled a meeting with the Greek Prime Minister to take a stand on the Parthenon Marble reliefs, King Charles apparently chose to wear a very interesting tie when he met Mr Sunak today (Friday, ed.) “In Dubai,” British property expert Chris Ship said on social media. He concluded his message with two Greek flags.

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Charles wore a blue and white ‘Greek’ tie to the climate conference in the UAE, where he gave a speech and also met Prime Minister Sunak. Anonymous sources at Buckingham Palace claim that the King has taken no position. They point out that Charles also wore a tie a week ago, when he received the President of South Korea on a state visit. This was before the dispute with the Greeks escalated.

“Or this is one of King Charles’ favorite ties and he only has 8 or 9 pieces to choose from. Or he wore it for a reason,” Shipp says, hinting that it was intentional after all. Another possible explanation is that Charles’ father, The late Prince Philip has Greek roots and was born on the island of Corfu.