January 28, 2023

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King’s Cup: Barcelona almost went crazy with the return of the third division | foreign football

Like Real Madrid before, Barcelona struggled to qualify for the 1/8 final of the Spanish Cup. The third division has come from behind three times. It was not until overtime that a final difference was made.

1/16 finals
Gijón Vallecano 2-0
Caserino real madrid 0-1
La Nucia Valencia 0-3
Ceuta Elche 1-0
Cartagena Villarreal 1-5
Espanyol Celta Vigo 3-1
Levante Getafe 3-2
Logrones Community 0-1
Pontevedra Mallorca 0-2
Linares Seville 0-5
Oviedo Atletico Madrid 0-2
between cities Barcelona 3-4
Alaves Valladolid 1-0
Ibiza RealBetis it became scarce
tarragon gymnastics Osasuna
impurity Bilbao
  1. 23 hours 36. Barcelona is three times away from the lead against the third-division team: 3-4. Barcelona did not reach the 1/8 finals without a fight. An early goal four minutes later from Araujo seemed like the perfect scenario for Barcelona, ​​but the opposite turned out to be true. & nbsp; Intercity, a team from Alicante, came from behind three times after Dembele made it 1-2 and Ravenna 2-3. Oriol Soldevilla had the night of his life scoring a clean hat-trick in the second half against the mighty Barcelona. & nbsp; After 90 minutes the score was 3-3, so extra time was played. Substitute Fati scored at the end of the first extra period with a deflected shot and managed to avoid embarrassing Barcelona. .
  2. 22:07 Witsel, Carrasco and Januzaj qualified for the 1/8 finals. Atletico Madrid defeated second-division team Real Oviedo 0-2 in the sixteenth Copa del Rey final on Wednesday. The Red Devils, Axel Witsel and Yannick Carrasco, set off in the Rojiblancos. Witsel played the entire match, and Carrasco was dismissed with fifteen minutes left. The two goals were scored by Marcos Llorente and substitute Pablo Barrios. Sevilla and Adnan Januzaj won 0-5 in Ligue 3 Linares earlier in the evening. Youssef and Nasiri managed to achieve a hat-trick. Once again, Januzaj remained on the bench for the Andalusians throughout the match. He has played just 130 minutes in Sevilla this season, across all competitions. .
  3. 2023-01-04.
  4. 22h58. Hazard takes another bad turn. Eden Hazard missed another opportunity to approach coach Ancelotti. Dragon played a match against the fourth division team (!) Cacerinho and was substituted after 68 minutes. One minute after this substitution, Rodrigo scored the only goal of the match. .
  5. 03-01-2023.
  6. 23h 24. Carrasco helps Atlético out of a difficult situation. Atletico Madrid faced a difficult task against Arantero in the second round of the Copa del Rey. The lowly club took the lead just before half-time and so Atlético had to chase. Diego Simeone had to miss Griezmann, Molina and Correa after the World Cup final. Joao Felix was ill. The Belgians were at the base, and fortunately because Yannick Carrasco became the savior. Penalty equalizer. & nbsp; Morata could not do this trick again, a penalty kick was saved. And so it remained interesting for a long time. In the end, Barrios gave his team the lead in the 77th minute. Carrasco really added in overtime: 3-1. .
  7. 23h24. Girona dies with the First Division team in the Spanish Cup. The club was surprised by Cacerinho, a fourth division team. It became 2-1. .
  8. 23h24. Girona is the first top division team to die in the Spanish Cup. The club was surprised by Cacerinho, a fourth division team. It became 2-1. .
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