May 21, 2024

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Kovid, since August, has been a whip duty for those entering Germany. 85% of patients hospitalized in France are not vaccinated, appeal in Spain: “Vaccinate pregnant women”

The German cabinet has decided to enter Germany from Sunday, August 1, to present a complete vaccine, a successful recovery and a negative covid test, excluding children under the age of 12: Deputy Government Spokesman Ulrich Demmer via Twitter.

The test will be required regardless of the transportation methods used to enter the country. “This restriction helps keep the entry of more infections in Germany as low as possible,” the spokesman wrote in the statement. Furthermore, the classification of “risk areas” will be simplified into two: “different risk areas”, for which there is a 14-day isolation duty, and “high-risk areas” that have not been vaccinated, those that have not healed and those over 12 years of age should undergo 10 days of isolation, which is the fifth day. It can then be reduced to 5 days by giving a negative test.

In France, 85% of hospitalized patients are not vaccinated

Between May 31 and July 11, 85% of Covid patients admitted to French hospitals were not vaccinated: this was stated by the French Ministry of Health’s Research, Research, Assessment and Statistics. The data looks at ‘Le Figaro’, so it seems to confirm that the vaccine significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death. 85% refers to all inpatients: those without intensive care and those undergoing intensive care. Approximately 7% received a single dose, and 7% completed the vaccine course. 78% of Govt patients were not vaccinated during the same period, while 11% received only one dose and another 11% had two doses.

In the United Kingdom, infections are on the decline
Covid daily new infections in the United Kingdom dropped to less than 30,000, reaching 29,622 in nearly 900,000 trials, about 1,500 less than yesterday. Mortality is also declining (compared to 85 yesterday) and the total number of hospitals is falling below 6,000 for the first time in several days: while health officials say about a quarter of patients are staying on wards with related illnesses. Not serious symptoms related to Govt. Compared with the delta variant of the vaccine, at least partial efficacy stabilization was administered at a dose of approximately 85 million: 88.4% of adults over 18.4 years with a single dose and two with 71.8%.

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Urgent request for vaccination of pregnant women in Spain
Appeals by officials and health professionals in Spain to expedite the vaccination of pregnant women against the corona virus have increased in recent days: the reason is that the number of cases of pregnant women who have developed severe forms of goiter is a risk to themselves and their children. In fact, according to experts consulted by the newspaper El Boyce, covid exposure in pregnant women can cause problems such as increased blood pressure and liver and kidney damage. The Ministry of Health says on its website that anti-govt vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective even for pregnant women and are recommended for use from Pfizer and Moderna. “It’s very important for pregnant women to be vaccinated,” Health Minister Carolina Darias said Wednesday. “Vaccines save lives.”

China is close to Nanjing

China has registered a further 64 new Kovit-19 cases: out of 21 of the domestic exchanges, Jiangsu and its capital Nanjing have come under tight control, confirming the most dangerous outbreak in the country in recent months with 18 reported infections, in addition to two in Hunan and one (but in a few days it will be the third). In Beijing. According to updates from the National Health Commission on Thursday, 43 cases were imported, one each in Yunnan (21), Guangdong (9), Shanghai (7), Fujian (3) and Liaoning, Shandong and Sichuan. Imported infections rose to 7,385, of which 660 patients are still in the hospital, while a total of 92,875, 4,636 deaths. The new asymptomatic conditions have increased by a further 25, with a total of 419 people under close medical supervision. Nearly 200 people have been infected with the virus since the virus was first detected at a local airport on July 20: flights have been suspended for precautionary reasons and will resume on August 11 if conditions permit. A major trial is underway in Nanjing, home to nearly 10 million people, and the blast could not be contained amid allegations against local authorities. Social media posts showed people standing in line for a long time, reintroducing masks in public places and avoiding the risks of further spreading social media. Nanjing’s health official, Ding Ji, told a news conference that all the cases were related to the cleaners who worked on the flight from Russia on July 10 and did not comply with the strict rules of the protocol. Xinhua News Agency reported. Its scarcity allowed the virus to spread to at least 13 cities, including Chengdu and the capital Beijing, in its delta variety.

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In Greece, the delta variant is frightening

The delta variant is poised to wipe out the holidays of those who want to enjoy the beaches and clubs of Mykonos, iOS and other islands of Greece besieged by the new wave of the corona virus. In the face of this situation, Athens has decided to send more police officers to intensify anti-Govt restrictions, especially in areas where young people are more likely to congregate. The move follows an alarm raised by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), which marked the Greek islands of southern Aegean in dark red after an epidemic escalated on its Govit-19 map. Against unnecessary travel. The group of 13 islands has some of the most popular Greek destinations for foreign tourists – including many Italians – that attract millions of people every summer. Greek authorities have already sent 186 policemen to Mykonos, up from 56 last year, and 30 officers have been assigned to the iOS. Deputy Defense Minister Nicos Hartalias declared the two islands “one step away” from the new restrictions, while the situation on the islands of Jacintos, Dinos, Lefkada, Santorini, Burrows and Rhodes is also worrying. Fears are mainly about local entrepreneurs who do not comply with health measures aimed at controlling the epidemic. “When hotels and family-friendly places diligently enforce the protocol, there is more congestion in the bars, especially among the younger crowd than we would like to see,” Greek Tourism Minister Harris Theoharis told The Guardian. Infection rates have risen in Greece to young people between the ages of 20 and 30, where tourism accounts for 25% of GDP, and is a key sector for the Aegean Islands to recover from the economic crisis. International spread. The summer of 2021 was a good start for the country, where attendance increased by 130% compared to last year, with visitors dropping by 75%. Last month, Theoharis re-reported that holiday enrollment had “increased by more than 400% compared to June last year”. But as the epidemic delta variant continues to spread, challenges are mounting in trying to control the epidemic without compromising the tourism season that began after Greek authorities encouraged the islands to be coveted. In early July, authorities were forced to impose a curfew and ban music on Mykonos after infection rates soared. On Wednesday, Civil Defense Minister Michaelis Chrysocidois warned that it was only a matter of time before similar restrictions were imposed on iOS. “Now there is a real danger that the island will be closed”.

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