February 21, 2024

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Kovit: Another 34,000 infections in GP, ​​but only 6 deaths – last time

(ANSA) – London, July 12 – The third highest peak since mid-January is 34,471 after registering more than 35,000 and 37,000 on July 6 and 7, with Kovit’s new daily cases in the United Kingdom now being fed 99 from the delta variant imported from India % Island. This is attested in 1.1 million swaps by the official data released by the government today, based on Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirming at a conference from Downing Street the end of the remaining restrictions imposed by law in the country. 19 July; But with the renewed appeal of “caution” and personal responsibility for confronting the threat, the epidemic mentioned by Bojo is not yet behind us.

The supposed effect of the vaccines (now nearly 81 million doses are administered in the Kingdom) now remains at a low level – alarm verification is pending on the possible effects of the crowd allowed in the semi-finals and the finals at Wembley in Europe. Football Championships – Hospitalization and Deaths Above All: The latter in the last 24 hours has dropped more than 6 in the last 24 hours against the 26 recorded yesterday, however Monday due to the traditional delay of statistical data indicating a person’s background glowing weekend. (On the handle).

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