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Thousands protest in Cuba – Corriere.it

Dictatorship, Freedom and Sunday, we love vaccinations Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in various cities on the island to protest food and medicine shortages, In an explosion Unprecedented protests on the island over the past thirty years. The little news came from the internet and various disgruntled blogs or Miami newspapers. The San Isitro movement, One The most active dissident organizations in Cuba, Calling on all independent civil society organizations to mobilize on the street, advising them to follow health protection measures against the new wave of Govt-19, via Twitter. This has prompted authorities to take new control measures in recent days. Our Moment – Havana-born intellectual movement tweeted – #NoTenemosMiedo (We are not afraid). At nine o’clock in the evening, as soon as the epidemic curfew was ordered, the protesters returned home.

The Cuban regime has stopped the Black Berets offensive force It operates in warmer places and on Monday mornings This has reduced the internet almost all over the country And some cities are trying to avoid the spread of images of anti-electricity and repression, which can be particularly brutal, according to unconfirmed evidence. There will be hundreds of arrests. The President Miguel Das-Colonel was very tough on TV: Fighting was ordered, and he called on all “real revolutionaries” to take to the streets to defend the government. Elite of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), known for its violent methods Work to stop disagreement. They told me from San Antonio de las Pavos, there is a gigantic black hat, they are throwing tear gas canisters, shooting, not leaving the city. They have turned off the power and are without the internet, so they cannot release evidence of what is happening at the moment, he said.Activist Tania Bruguera. Some videos show police firing on protesters in Havana, although it is not clear where and when the incident took place.

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The heart of the cultural city

The epicenter was reported below the San Antonio de las Pavos, a city about 35 kilometers southwest of Havana, in 1986. Thanks to Gabriel Garcia Marquez for his generous contribution among others, Founded by Esquala International de Cine y TV, one of the living companies in Cuba. Ironically, San Antonio is the birthplace of Silvio Rodriguez, the star of Nueva Troa and the singer of the Cuban Revolution.. In a video It was broadcast live on Facebook an hour before dark, We see a long procession marching through its streets. Another clip, on Twitter, shows me Protesters overturn a police car in Gordonas, A tourist center by the sea, a few kilometers from Varadero, other pictures show scenes of looting in government shops.

Police repression from Havana to Santiago

In front of the local capital, thousands of people gathered in Havana Massive police lineup, This afternoon The repression began. Within hours, however, the opposition spread like wildfire throughout Cuba, until it reached the southern rebel capital, Santiago de Cuba. Street to street (On the street, in the street) then raised slogans against dictatorship and words The song that reflects Fitlin’s motto – Homeland or Death – Patria Y Vita has become almost a song of dissent in recent months. The immediate siege of Madonna, the epicenter of the Govt-19 epidemic, would have recorded 7,000 new epidemics and nearly 50 deaths across Cuba on Sunday alone.

Version of the rule

‘S reaction Rule press elements, Is actually only authorized to spread on the island. Revolutionary people on the street to defend the revolution, title Granma, Which leads to an immediate visit to a long article From President Miguel Diaz-Colonel to San Antonio de las Pavos, In the province of Artemisia Cuba must speak to the citizens not only against the Govt-19, but also against the economic siege for more than 60 years – after provoking a group of counter-revolutionaries who tried to break the order while fighting against trade and finance. Of the United States. Therefore, theCastro’s successor to govern and lead Cuba’s single Communist Party, It also appeared on TV, To begin with the special intervention of the Palacio de la Revolus New charges against the United States And underestimate the provocation planned by small groups of counter-revolutionaries.

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We are ready to give life. If they want to face the revolution they have to step on our corpses. Das-Colonel said in a statement to the Talisman Network that we are ready for anything. We will not allow any counter-revolutionary, The mercenary was sold to the American Empire, Causing instability. He threatened: There would be a revolutionary answer. That is why we call on all communist revolutionaries to take to the streets where these provocations take place and confront them decisively.

Warning from Washington

For its part, Washington warned Sunday evening Cuba against the use of any violence against thousands of protesters Those who had gathered across the island to oppose the dictatorship. The United States They support freedom of expression and the legislature in Cuba U.S. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said on Twitter that he would strongly condemn any act of violence or target peaceful protesters for exercising their global rights. Afterwards, US Interim Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Julie Chung echoed him, saying Joe Biden’s government was deeply concerned about “calls for war”: we defend the right of the Cuban people to a peaceful assembly. We must remain calm and condemn all forms of violence.

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