May 26, 2024

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What you should eat to rediscover the colors – Libero Codidiano

Melania Rizoli

The good news is that White hair It pops up after a while Excessive stress They are not solid because they can return to their normal color. Following periods of high emotional stress over time, a person suffers from death, job loss, personal crisis, a couple crisis or difficult separation, grief, frustration and internal pain have long been a “genetic” process that is toxic to certain genes, for which the metabolic process Despite the congestion, the speed decreases or changes, and our body sends clear signals about the physical, moral and mental exhaustion it faces, it spreads to various organs, often and the symptoms that appear are “acro motricia” or the pigment loss of hair and hair suddenly turns white overnight. Is an event that can develop even in the course.

The original shadow
A new study, signed by researchers at the University of Columbia and the University of Miami, has produced evidence that white hair that appeared in adulthood can regain its original color, with an imaging technique that ‘gray hair in question is never the same as it used to be, usually only on the tips , Not at the root, which means that the hair has not been subjected to a physiological process, and some of them return to their original tonality, so the reverse process is now considered realistically reversible. This is because, as is well known, hair grows up to about 1 cm per month from the root, and if gray appears on their ends, it means that the mutation occurred at a well-defined time, it is not considered permanent, and reversibility is therefore possible when this level of stress is reduced.

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In fact, with a proteomic analysis, the protein profile of the hair turned white, containing a large number of unregulated mitochondrial proteins that were involved in the energetic metabolism of the stress phenomenon, and damaged pigment regenerating stem cells in the follicles. Responsible for maintaining hair, hair color. The proverb “fear whitens hair” is not only a rumor, it also has an established scientific basis because only a strong emotional shock can act on melanocytes and slow down the production of melanin, the protein that causes skin color and hair, as it happens with vitiligo and gray hair, our organism and our brain Demonstrates how closely they are linked to uncontrollable unreliable and precise nerve impulses that can severely affect physiological function and cell regulation. The problem of white hair is not considered to be unrecognized by official medicine because it is not considered a real health problem, even though the appearance of gray hair in non-elderly people is a wake-up call if there is an excess of cortisol levels, a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands.

When this hormone exceeds physiological limits, melanocytes no longer produce melatonin, so you can suddenly see the appearance of white hair or even full locks, and the only way to prevent the fall towards gray hair is to reduce the level of cortisol, avoiding stress factors and taking care of nutrition. Super products of cortisol and free radicals, other ingredients that promote the appearance of white hair, vitamin D is an excellent ally to combat them, and a good help can be treated with additional medications. On copper, zinc, selenium and biotin.

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Researchers have found that a hair can undergo a complete color change within 3.5 days, although it takes an average of three months to complete. However, it is difficult to restore hair color without the help of medication, and even episodic is impossible when stress levels persist, so it is always advisable to eliminate those factors that may or may not be irreparable when there are factors or individuals that negatively affect moral health and contribute to the disruption of mental balance Remove, if you want to avoid, persistent griefs and very relevant health issues, even sudden gray hair.