April 22, 2024

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Exciting hypothesis about the disappearance of an 18-year-old

The most widely accepted hypothesis at the moment is that if Saman is killed by the family for contempt, another front appears, of the lover: Saman, according to him, will be alive …

Expectation is growing, and so is optimism Saman Abbas, 18th On the night of April 30 to May 1, Reggio went missing in Emilia. The young woman, who fled her home to seek refuge in a community after her family imposed a arranged marriage, has returned to her home that dramatic night. He wanted to recover his documents so that he could start a new life.

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But this did not happen. The most widely accepted hypothesis for some time now is a Murder committed against him by his family, As well as returning home disappointed, her boyfriend will take care of the water, 21st Pakistan Ajud Saquib, Accordingly His girlfriend is still alive.

According to fictional reconstructions of the trial, the girl was dragged home by a trap engraved by her mother after escaping: “Please come back. We are dying.”, He texted her, to be killed.

From the security cameras on the farm where the parents worked, you can see the mother, father and uncle A shrine in hand Go back and forth. But Saman, once home, is not even in the shadows. No one saw the little girl win, which is why, after the video, the bad guys were scared.

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“Saman is alive, they have taken her prisoner”

Saman’s intuitive reaction is still understandable, 18-year-old, She already had a boyfriend. This is, as mentioned earlier, the 21enne Pakistan Ajut Saqib. The two met in Diktok and later met in person for the first time at the Bologna station. A love at first sight, it must be sealed, respects the respective traditions, With a marriage.


The boy realizes that his girlfriend is still alive: “My heart tells me, my head tells me”, He said, then add “I dream of her every night, behind bars or in a small room. She cries, she cries all the time, she tells me: Love, help me … In my opinion she is alive, Mama Danish is separated somewhere from her cousin Nomanhullock. No wonder it’s nowhere to be found like Saman’s parents. ”

Murder or imprisonment?

In fact, there is no trace of the parents. A family member, 28-year-old Ikram Ijaz, was arrested on May 28 in Nimes, France. There were no reports of his uncle Danish and other cousin Nomanhulak. Towards Pakistan where Saman’s parents are now, The couple was issued an arrest warrant and an international robber. Saman’s 16-year-old brother, the only member of the family staying in Italy, is currently in a protected community.

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During the interrogation, the 18-year-old brother did not want to say a word about his parents. About her sister’s fate, if she says she ran away first, He later accused his uncle Danish of killing him.

One can express even a little confidence in the exact location of the uncle. Maybe he escaped and took Samana with him and locked her somewhere.

But the real element of hope is truth Young woman’s body searches, Disease dogs that specialize in the smell of rotting corpses are used, which do not give positive results. Fortunately.

How much is left, in this case, it is necessary to anchor the ground with your feet.