April 21, 2024

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La Vuelta |  Live summary of Stage 6 – Rising to the stars in Javalambre with Evenepoel in red

La Vuelta | Live summary of Stage 6 – Rising to the stars in Javalambre with Evenepoel in red

The cycle is on fire

The battle for red is about to break out

Soudal Quick-Step thinks a 3.5 minute lead is good and so we are in a battle for the red jersey from the leading group. Lenny Martinez appears to be the leading candidate.

Lead is shrinking

With 30 kilometers to go, the gap was still 3.5 minutes. It’s still all about the tension of today’s final.

Lead is stable

Eurosport expert forecasts


La Vuelta | Expect stage 6

big hole

The gap between the front group was now seven minutes. This is a very big hole. In the second peloton we see all the favorite things about the Vuelta. Lenny Martinez is the top rated racer.

The big names in the first group

Many big names will be riding in the front peloton. Sepp Koss comes to the fore, as do Mikel Landa, Lenny Martinez and Hugh Carthy. Meanwhile, there is bad news for Team UAE. Jay Fine has fallen and will not continue in this Vuelta. There has been some confusion over Koss’ position, but according to team manager Richard Plug, the American is already in the first platoon.

Evenball in trouble?

Earlier today, disturbing news broke that several members of the Evenball team were ill. Even Andrea Baggioli had to come off, as did the Belgian

Evenpool interview

There is no silence around Remco Evenebol and now the story goes that some of his Sodal Quick Step team mates are sick. Whether this is really the case remains to be seen. But there are whispers in the peloton. Perhaps this contributes to the choice to give up the red jersey on Thursday.

This may have been the goal before, but then Evenpoel won the Andorra sprint and also took the bonus, so the lucky one should get a big lead.


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Will Evinbol defend the red jersey, what will Jumbo-Visma do?

And don’t let everyone ride… That is, while the winner of the Javalambre must come from a good family, the last climb is not easy. Jetse Bol almost won here once. Wisely today he would have done it differently in Pico del Buiter, but unfortunately.

It will also be interesting to observe Jumbo-Visma tactics. The Yellow/Black Brigade was completely missing in the intermediate sprint as Evenpoel extended their lead. A tactical move, a mistake, or…? Is Primoz Roglic really suffering from the effects of his fall, is Jonas Fingegaard okay or not?

Maybe we’ll get some clues during Thursday’s cliffhanger finale!


La Vuelta | Stage 6 of the road – uphill finish and ascent to the stars in Javalambre

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From Barcelona to Madrid: the 78th edition of the Vuelta a España can be called ‘El Clásico’! Primoz Roglic and Jonas Vingegaard vs. Remco Evenibol and what can the mega-talent Juan Ayuso do? Don’t miss anything from Eurosport’s Vuelta Discover+.