June 13, 2024

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Laptop transforms United flight – in the sky

Laptop transforms United flight – in the sky

More than 150 travelers were stranded in Shannon, Ireland, on Sunday after a noticeable laptop problem. It took a lot of effort to correct the situation.

The Boeing 767-300ER, registered N663UA, took off Sunday on flight UA12 from Zurich Airport to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. About three hours after departure from Switzerland, over the Atlantic Ocean I turned the machine over. The cabin crew were reportedly notified of a problem with the passenger’s laptop earlier in the flight. The device was stuck in the passenger seat. The crew was unable to obtain the laptop. The pilots notified air traffic control of their request to divert to Shannon Airport.

Ground staff at the Irish airport were also unable to remove the laptop. So they entered the forward cargo hold to find the device from there. Eventually, some of the roof panels were removed from the house and the laptop was disconnected. The flight will resume to Chicago on Monday afternoon.


The fact that a flight was diverted due to a broken laptop seems surprising at first, but airlines take such situations very seriously. If the device’s battery is damaged, it may overheat and catch fire, posing a serious safety risk. For this reason, electronic devices are only allowed in hand luggage. In the case of United flight UA12, diverting to Shannon was the safest option.

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