June 13, 2024

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Limburg companies shudder at the thought of Berset having to close

Limburg companies shudder at the thought of Berset having to close

“Closing Liège Airport would be a disaster for us.” This is the essence of a number of Limburg companies that rely on Liège Airport for their logistics services. As is known, she risks losing her permit.

On Wednesday it became known that Liège Airport (Berset) may lose its permit. In particular, the auditor of the State Council issued a negative opinion, and the State Council usually follows the view of its auditor.

This scenario would spell disaster for many Limburg companies. Such as Jacobs Logistics from Tongeren, which, with its own fleet of 80 tractors and 150 trailers, provides logistics services to the Chinese company Alibaba from Liège Airport. “Part of our fleet is specially equipped to handle air freight,” says Yuri Jurisen. “If we now have to move to other airports, it will have a significant impact on our planning.”

Levinstadt Seafood
Even Axel Verberkmus, CEO of the fishing company Levinstaund Seafoods in Reimst, is getting desperate about it. Levenstond Seafood brings fresh white fish from Iceland via Liège Airport. “For us, the airport is an important link in our supplies. The closure would mean a loss of 20 to 25 percent of our turnover.” “It might be better to start riding horse and carriage again… The legal uncertainty faced by Belgian entrepreneurs: it is no longer the case “Enjoyable.”

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