November 29, 2023

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LIVE: Bäckstedt starts solo lead towards European title, two Belgian women in top 10 |  European Cycling Championships 2023

LIVE: Bäckstedt starts solo lead towards European title, two Belgian women in top 10 | European Cycling Championships 2023

European Cyclocross Championship

11:00 Ponchato

In Bonchato, promising women will compete for the European title jersey starting at 11 am. You don’t have to miss any of the action, because you can watch the match live via the live stream on this page.

  1. At 11.30 am, the Belgian duo took the lead. Xaydee Van Sinaey and Julie Brouwers have now moved up to 7th and 8th place. Onesti’s No. 6 spot is also still up for grabs. .
  2. 11 a.m. 27. You still have to be careful around Bäckstedt. She slides through the mud and flirts with the slider for a moment. Showering will make the circuit in the Pontchâteau a little wetter. Although it seems to be limited to that amount of rain. .
  3. 11 hours 24. What happens behind Backstedt and Schreiber, who are racing on an island? Bentfield and Zemanova appear to be well placed for third place. Outgoing European Junior Champion Mollengraaf is fifth, Julie Brouwers is now the best Belgian in ninth, and Zaidi van Senay is the second national in the top 10 in 10th. .
  4. 11 hours 20. Schreiber is already looking at a deficit of about 10 seconds. Bäckstedt appears to be making it a long solo. In the background we see a French woman falling on the sometimes slippery track. .
  5. 11 a.m. 17. Backstedt leaves Schreiber behind and begins her solo career.

    Bäckstedt leaves Schreiber behind and begins her solo career

  6. 11am 16. Backstedt Speed ​​Up! It seemed that the quick start of Schreiber’s generous act was already playing tricks on her. Backstedt accelerates at the start of lap three and puts the Luxembourg in a gap. .
  7. 11 a.m. 16. We miss Fleur Mores. Otherwise the Belgian colors will be present in the foreground. . Paul Herrigers.
  8. 11am 14. Xaydee Van Sinaey is currently the best Belgian in 10th place, more than a minute behind Schreiber and Bäckstedt. She is followed by Laure de Chypre in 11th place. A little later, Julie Brouwers comes in 15th place.
  9. 11am 09. First pass of the line. It is already clear that we will get the expected fight between Schreiber and Backstedt. Bentfield actually has to allow a few seconds at the first crossing of the finish line. .
  10. 11am 08. Belgian promises in the race. The Belgian selection is the only one with 5 riders at the start of the European Women’s Proms Championship. Julie Brouwers is the eldest of the five, and together with Xaydée Van Sinaey, who finished third at the European Junior Championships last year, form the Belgian spearhead. Lore De Schepper, Febe De Smedt and Lotte Baele are the other three Belgian promises to start at Pontchâteau. .
  11. 11am 05. Top candidates Mary Schreiber and Zoe Backstedt waste no time and persevere from the start. Dutchwoman Leonie Bentveld is the only one who can participate. .
  12. 11am 02. It’s a tough cross with sometimes treacherous greasy trails. Paul Herrigers.
  13. At 11am 01 the match started
  14. 11 hours. Women’s promises begin at the European Championships.

    Women’s promises begin at the European Championships

  15. 10 hours 58.
  16. 10 hours 56.
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