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Live broadcast: Bentsil and Zeqiri leave the match, and Vandevoordt’s save ensures a draw in the first half |  Europa League 2023/2024

Live broadcast: Bentsil and Zeqiri leave the match, and Vandevoordt’s save ensures a draw in the first half | Europa League 2023/2024

  1. 33′ – continued. Brian Henin by Matias Galarza
  2. 43′ – Yellow – Majeed Sadiq

Europa Conference League – Round 4 – 11/09/23 – 6:45pm

KRC Genk can take an important step towards the European winter tonight against Ferencvaros. Genk, Ferencvaros and Fiorentina lead the group with 5 points. Can Genk do better than the 0-0 in the first leg or will the defeat to Antwerp still resonate? Follow all the events on this page or listen on Radio 1.

  1. First half, 7:32pm Host: 0-0. We go to rest with a score of 0-0. Based on the odds, we can call this a minor miracle. .
  2. First half, minute 49, the match is over
  3. First half, minute 46. Paintsil almost took the lead. Hrosovski puts the ball at the back of the Hungarian defense all the way to Bentsil, but he cannot shoot well in front of goal. Another chance for Genk. .
  4. First half, minute 44. It’s Genk’s turn again. Al-Khanous can take a free kick and throw the ball in front of the goal. His attempt almost flew into the far corner of the goal. Goalkeeper Debush saves a dangerous attempt. .
  5. Yellow card for Majeed Sadiq from Genk Genk in the first half (minute 43).
  6. First half, minute 42. Things are going well back and forth in this match. Paintsil’s cross ends in no man’s land, and on the other side, Bonsu Bah is Genk’s savior. He can push the ball into the corner right in front of the Hungarian’s nose. .
  7. First half, minute 41. Vandevoordt shows a great reaction.

    Vandevoordt shows great reaction

  8. First half, minute 41. In the next action, the home team calls for another penalty kick. Munoz appears to touch the ball with his hand, but referee Kolpakov does nothing. .
  9. First half, minute 39. Vandevoordt saves. There’s the home team again. After a weak intervention from Arteaga, right-back Makrikis was able to reach the back line. He maintains a good overview and relies on Marquinhos. The Brazilian’s shot was saved wonderfully by Vandevoordt. The goalkeeper is keeping his team upright here. .
  10. First half, minute 38. Heinen’s loss is a loss for Genk’s building. Stef Wijnants via Sporza on Radio 1.
  11. First half, minute 36. Bonsu Bah sends Arteaga well into the goal. The Mexican can cross but cannot reach his teammate. An example of the beautiful compositions created by Jenk. .
  12. First half, minute 34. VAR does not intervene. Fortunately for Genk, the VAR system allowed this to happen. Ferencvaros comes into the game better and has picked up pace. .
  13. First half, minute 34. Will VAR intervene? In the replay, we see Besic heading the ball from close range onto Al-Khannous’s arm. Does the ball hit its place? .
  14. First half, minute 33. Marias Galarza comes on for the unfortunate Heinen. .
  15. First half, minute 33. Genk substitution, Matias Galarza comes on, Brian Henin comes on.
  16. First half, minute 32. Genk played a very good fifteen minutes. Stef Wijnants via Sporza on Radio 1.
  17. First half, minute 31. Head to head: Henin is substituted after half an hour.

    Head to head: Henin is substituted after half an hour

  18. Henin hit. After the aerial duel, captain Jenk Heinen remained on the field. Repetition tells us he had a serious blow to his head. Heynen is completely distraught and can’t continue. He leaves the field with an egg on his head. . First half, minute 29.
  19. First half, minute 27. Paintsil heads wide (with his shoulder).

    Paintsil heads wide (with his shoulder).

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