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Live broadcast: Can the club pick up something against the star team with Messi, Neymar and Mbappe?  |  UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

Live broadcast: Can the club pick up something against the star team with Messi, Neymar and Mbappe? | UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

Club Brugge gets the scoop tonight: Lionel Messi is playing his first Champions League game for Paris Saint-Germain. Together with Neymar and Mbappe, the very dangerous trio formed MNM. Catch up on the best European night live here.

  1. First half, minute 1. Kick-off. Paris Saint-Germain starts the match. Does Klopp see stars in exchange for a squad from Paris or can he cause a ruse? .
  2. First half, minute 1 the match started
  3. In advance, at 8:55 p.m., Jan Briddle Stadium was sold out. Tensions mount at the flooded Jan Breedel Stadium, and the crowd is clearly ready. The countdown has started now! .
  4. In advance, 8:49 pm Only two clean sheets for PSG. Remarkably, Paris Saint-Germain managed to keep only two clean sheets this season, in their last two league matches against Reims and Claremont Foot. They have already conceded 5 goals in 5 league matches. In Club Brugge, the defensive stats look worse. After 7 matches, the Belgian national champion has already conceded 11 goals, 3 times he managed to keep a clean sheet. .
  5. Before 8:42 pm, Paris Saint-Germain had not lost in the French Ligue 1. Paris Saint-Germain did not drop any stitches in the French League. After 5 matches, he is only on top with 15 out of 15. PSG also scored more than 16 goals, and no team in the French first division does better. The French Cup winner has made an excellent recovery after a false start to the new season. In the Champions Cup battle, the French Super Cup, she lost to national champion Lille at the beginning of August. PSG replaced it after 8 (!) consecutive editions. .
  6. Early, 20 hours 36. De Ketelaere back in the starting lineup. It’s going to be a Charles de Kettler special tonight. He made his Champions League debut two years ago against Paris Saint-Germain, replacing suspended Rodformer. The 18-year-old was by no means a fan of the Paris Saint-Germain stars: “You have to stay vigil about that, otherwise you won’t be able to play your game. I will only then know who you played against.” .
  7. Before that, at 8 pm 31. The 150th match for Messi. Not only will Lionel Messi play his first Champions League game tonight in a different shirt than Barcelona’s, but it will also be his 150th game in the Champions League. Only Iker Casillas (177 games), Cristiano Ronaldo (177) and Xavi Hernandez (151) are doing better at the moment. .
  8. Advance, 8pm 10pm Can Klopp prevent the rattle again? Paris Saint-Germain also visited the club two years ago. It turned out that the top Parisian club was very big and won big sums. Kylian Mbappe was the treble winner and Mauro Icardi scored twice against Jan Bridel. Will the French superpower be that strong again tonight or can the club limit the damage this time around? .
  9. Advance, 8 p.m. 11. Navas is preferred over Donnarumma. PSG also had to wait to see who coach Mauricio Pochettino would choose: Navas or Donnarumma. Last Saturday in front of Claremont Foot, Navas was comforted by his Italian teammate, but the Costa Rican returned tonight between the stands. .
  10. Advance, 8 pm. 09. MNM debut in Paris Saint-Germain. PSG were waiting for the match in Jean Bridel to unload his bag with the Holy Trinity. Messi, Neymar and Mbappe meet together for the first time. & nbsp; .
  11. Advance, 8 p.m. 05. Molder on the couch, zip at the base. Very saddened for club captain Rod Former, he sees the duel against Paris Saint-Germain stars going through his nose. At least he has to start on the couch. Rits get a basic spot. Furthermore, Philip Clement picks the men who also started the match against Ostend last Friday. Ballanta, who had to go to the side half an hour later after a half hour on Friday, was back in shape again in time. .
  12. Advance, 8 p.m. 05. All eyes on the top poster in Bruges: “It’s also good for the reporter to see those stars.”

    All eyes on the top poster in Bruges: ‘It’s also good for the reporter to see these stars’

  13. Advance, 7 p.m. 52nd.
  14. Advance, 7:50 p.m.
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