April 16, 2024

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Bierchut puts coach Peter Maes on the street after a dramatic 1...

Bierchut puts coach Peter Maes on the street after a dramatic 1…

Birchot enters after a sensational start to the season. Antwerp couldn’t win so far and are finally on the brink with a 1 for 21. There was also more and more discontent within the club about coach Peter Maes’ style (57), and it is now fatal for Limberger. He can scratch, and his assistants Heymans and Winters also have to leave. Mark Nooy is in charge at the moment.

Mace has only been working at Kiel since last summer, after he was snatched from STVV to succeed Will Steele. The experienced Limburger managed to score a point at Ghent, but lost all six matches with Beerschot. After seven days of playing, the 57-year-old coach’s purple and white adventure is over. His assistants Davey Heymans and Stefan Winters also have to leave.

It was not only the poor sporting performance of his team that led to Mace’s dismissal: relations between the coaching staff and the players have not been good lately. For example, his two permanent assistants, Heymans and Winters, caused resentment and the old-school way of working was not appreciated by everyone.

At the moment, Marc Noe is the head coach, but now Beerschot has to look for a new coach. Not an easy task, because the club just doesn’t have someone on hand, like Losada or Still at that time.

This is the first dismissal of the coach this season in the Belgian upper division.

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